Why Performing Is Important

By Joshua Jay - Wednesday, March 27, 2019

One of the founding principles of Vanishing Inc Magic is that we remain a magic company run by magicians. Andi and I have changed many things since founding Vanishing Inc ten years ago, but one thing we've always maintained is that each of us still actively perform.

Our reasons are many: performing is fun, performing helps keep us attuned to the needs and desires of a professional magician, and performing allows us to road-test the products we release.

Andi performs frequently at events around the UK, and has done an impressive array of TV appearances in the last year. You'll even notice the occasional Vanishing Inc release in some of his upcoming performances.

For my part, I had wanted to fulfill a lifelong goal of doing my own show in New York.

I debuted Six Impossible Things last May, with the hope of running it for a month. We're now on our third extension, as I am about to begin a Spring run of March to May. Happily, the entire run is now sold out.

Many of you will be coming to New York to see the show, and I'm looking forward to meeting each one of you. You'll see several pieces Vanishing Inc has released, and one more we intend to release in the near future. I won't mention which ones here, because I want you to be surprised (and hopefully, fooled).

And, there's an exciting update to announce, as well. We've reached an agreement to extend one more time this fall, so if you're interested in seeing the show, and chatting afterward, mark your calendars for October-December. We haven't officially announced dates yet, but we will soon, at http://www.siximpossiblethingsshow.com.

Hope to see many of you there!

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