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Blond in Bathtub Trick
Blond in Bathtub
Trick by Fun Inc. - $4.50

Blond in Bathtub Royal...

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Drawer Box - Royal Trick
Drawer Box - Royal
Trick by Fun Inc. - $5.35

One of the most versatile props in magic! This trick allows the magician to perform a wide variety of stunning tricks. Change one object for another. Show the drawer empty. Close it. Upon re-opening the box, a selected card has appeared. Cause candy to appear for a birthday child. Corporate logos...

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Mystic Patterns Royal Trick
Mystic Patterns Royal
Trick by Fun Inc. - $1.50

EffectA set of domino shaped pieces showing different symbols is placed on the table. You predict which symbols will be on the ends when the domines are all placed end to end. Your predictions are infallable. Works every time! No sleight of hand involved. Different results nearly every time! Made...

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