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Blond in Bathtub Trick
Blond in Bathtub
Trick by Fun Inc. - $4.50 NOW $3.42 (SAVE $1.08)

Chicago Surprise Book
Chicago Surprise
Book by Pop Haydn - $20.00 NOW $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

Chicago Surprise is a card routine developed by Whit Haydn that substantially strengthens the impact of Chicago Opener / Red Hot Mamma. Considered by Haydn to be the strongest card trick he does, it's the opener of his act and apparently of the first tricks he teaches his students. This...

Animate Me DVD
Animate Me
DVD by Losander - $35.00

In the world of magic there is only one name that is synonymous with the art of leviation - Losander. World renowned across five continents, Losander has performed his magic in exclusive venues from Europe to Japan to Australia. In 2006, Losander received the Milbourne Christopher...

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