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Bicycle Viking Blizzard Wing Deck Deck of cards
Bicycle Viking Blizzard Wing Deck
Deck of cards by Crooked King Cards - $9.99

Set sail on a fearless and fantastical voyage with these playing cards. In their time, no group was feared as much as the Vikings. Now with USPCC-printed cards portraying these ruthless raiders of the sea, you may overpower many during a reign of your own.

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3hree Dee DVD
Vanishing Inc. exclusive 3hree Dee
DVD by Chris Mayhew - $29.95

Chris Mayhew took the internet by storm with three downloads...now it's your DVD player's turn! These tricks deserve more attention, and more detail than he originally provided us. We've reshoot most of the material and added about 45 minutes of additional content and are now pleased to present...

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Break Trick
Trick by Uday Jadugar - $49.95

An incredibly clean and visual coin bend. Have you tried bending a coin with your hands? It’s impossible. Now try it with your mind. Break is an effect that allows you to visually bend and break a coin in half. The spectator can attempt it, to no avail. You then do something crazy and...

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