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String Theory DVD
String Theory
DVD by Vincent Mendoza - $34.99

String Theory by Vince Mendoza is a refreshingly new take on the Gypsy Thread concept that now allows that best moments to happen right in the spectator's hands. When you take out a piece of string, your spectator cuts it into multiple pieces. They are in control. Pick up the pieces...

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Flash String Accessory
Flash String
Accessory by Red Corner Magic - From $11.00

Perfect for vanishing, producing or transforming objects with a flash! Includes flash string only. No instructions. Ignite this flash cotton using your preferred method/device.

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The New Relentless Ring And String DVD
The New Relentless Ring And String
DVD by Bob Miller - $10.00

This brand-new DVD includes the classic Award-Winning routine re-recorded and edited in a digital format with all of these great new features and extras: 3 live performances by Bob and DJ All 11 moves clearly detailed and demonstrated Super-close up Review track Performance tips and ideas from...

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