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Never Seen Trick
Never Seen
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $34.95

From a borrowed deck, a spectator freely chooses a card, signs it, and puts it back in the deck before thouroughly shuffling the cards. They then place the cards into THEIR pocket. At no point has the magician touched the deck which means the card can GENUINELY be at any position. ...

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Playing Cards Created by Children Trick
Playing Cards Created by Children
Trick by JL Magic - $12.00

The playing cards were designed by forty three children in Korea. They have a charm and uniqueness to them which we have not seen before.

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Revolutionary Card Magic DVD
Revolutionary Card Magic
DVD by Jay Sankey - $60.00

We love Jay Sankey.* If you're one of those people that think that you've seen everything Jay has to offer and that he just rehashes the same old shit, then this DVD will prove you wrong. Jay's magic is as creative as ever, but we fear that many experienced magicians aren't getting to see what...

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