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Card in What?  Magic download (video)
Card in What?
Magic download (video) by James Coats - $14.95

Imagine being able to make a signed card appear anywhere you wanted. Join James Coats and Harley Davidson model Leticia, as they reveal these fantastic secrets. You will learn the following: Card in spectator's bra Card in spectator's underwear Card through window Signed card in box Card to anywhere Card to wallet This DVD also contains 4 different card forces and a card control method that allows you to know your spectator's card at all times.

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The Session DVD DVD
The Session DVD
DVD by The Session - $43.00

What goes on at The Session stays at The Session ... AND on this DVD! The Session is a yearly event in the UK that attracts some of the most respected magicians from all over the world. While organisers Andi Gladwin and Rob James invite some big name magicians to perform and lecture at the event,...

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Coat of Arms Playing Cards Deck of cards
Coat of Arms Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Justin Froyd - $12.00

A Custom Deck of playing cards inspired by Coat of Arms. Created by Justin Froyd. Each card is unique. Each court card has a different coat of arms. Kings and Queens have crowns and the Jacks have Knight helmets. Poker Size  Sealed with Red Coat of Arms  ...

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