Cannibal Cards

Magic download (video) by Bill Goodwin
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Cannibal Cards

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Magic download (video) by Bill Goodwin ($9.60)

Originally published in Lecture 1988, Bill Goodwin brings us another amazing version of the nearly 50 year old classic, demonstrating how the four Kings in every pack of playing cards are indeed Cannibal Cards. One by one, three odd cards are eaten by the Kings during a fair display, leaving only the four Cannibal Kings. This streamlined version of Cannibal Cards leaves you clean and ready for your next trick.


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Customer reviews for Cannibal Cards



I just love this effect, there is alot more going on than you think. its not very hard to to and you end totally clean. Was well worth the download



This is a great version of the cannibal card plot. I use the Ammar and the Bill Malone version already but I am strongly considering changing the handling to incorporate this one. It just looks so fair and clean.



Such well thought out routine. Mr. Goodwin also takes advantage of the very fine Asher Twist. Outstanding!!



Such an elegant trick that would go over well with the Bicycle Zombie cards. The video production is absolutely perfect using the right zoom and from great angles. Bill Godwin’s explanation is another reminder of how much a true professional can add to all the subtleties. Finally, it is a great best practice to end the video with a leisurely exposed run-through for efficient training. Great job Bill and the VI team!



A very good video production, it starts with the full tutorial, followed by the full explanation, followed by a full performance in slow mo, highliting all the breaks and slights, a great teacher, covering certain points in the methods he uses, he explains some history on some of the moves he uses, great camera shots, covering all the angles.
Recently i bought reflection, and i am now a great fan of Bill Goodwin and his amazing card magic.
Using Just A Normall Decent Deck Off Cards, as you need the Cards To Glide,
Bill Goodwin Is One Off The Best In Close Up Card Magic.





Cute trick, extraordinary detailed explanations with all the details and finesses in a smooth and calm manner. I love this kind of tutorial. Really magnificent performer and teacher. :))

Cannibal Cards by Bill Goodwin