Card Spring

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Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck (Free)

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Card Spring - magic

An iconic card flourish or cardistry technique seen in countless films and television programs whenever an expert magician or card cheat must demonstrate their skill.


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Easy to follow and all good info



Thank you it helped me a lot i still cant do it perfectly but i wont stop trying :)



The video was both visually and verbally very clear. Note that if the first method explained doesn't work easily for you, or even if it does, there are other methods described. If you aren't a card springer, you might find that the action can require some muscle activity you aren't used to. Even if you aren't a finger flicking card acrobat, this is a nice little flourish to throw in on occasion, and this is about as good an explanation of how to do it as you'll find. "About as good" because I'd liked to have seen some potential challenges and problems covered.

Card Spring by Dan and Dave Buck