Finger on the Card

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Finger on the Card  - magic

Already a classic, this is the trick that started it all! The effect, essentially, is a two card transposition, but carefully framed in the theatrical manner for which Gary Ouellet has become so well known! The result is a very powerful routine that has made it's way into the performing repertoires of professionals around the world!

Beyond that, the routine introduces five killer sleights:

The Drop Control - A simple, elegant way to control a selected card to the top of the deck.

The Drop Cut - A remarkably deceptive hands-to-table false cut.

The Finger Glimpse - A very sneaky way of glimpsing a chosen card.

The Sliding Double Lift - An effective approach to this age-old technique.

The Rotating Slip Force Unquestionably the finest version of this classic sleight.

If you have any interest in card magic, you need this book on your shelf and this effect in your repertoire! 29 pages of clear text and 72 photographs, including the Second Edition bonus: "Finger on the Card Revisited", featuring two brand new sleights!

"A superbly contructed Dunbury Delusion type of effect - highly recommended!" Jim Sisti (Genii, The Magic Menu)

Ebook. 29 pages.


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This is alright for what it is but nothing that is really new just a two card transposition from Gary Ouellet which looks good if performed well and beyond that he teaches five slights. this is a 29 page eBook and well photographed and I had this as a free download so you can't go wrong. I have looked at this again and I have revised my review to four stars because some of the slights are well worth using.



It is an okay read and information in it. Okay trick.

Finger on the Card by Gary Ouellet