Flux Deal

Magic download (video) by Alex Moffat
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Flux Deal

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Magic download (video) by Alex Moffat ($15.00)

A diabolical switch that allows for the seamless and constant change of cards as they are dealt onto the table.

Flux Deal is designed for the most challenging tasks: Switch one card or many cards, cause cards to visually change, force cards, and more. The Flux Deal is great for mathematical tricks, gambling demonstrations, and transpositions. The possibilities are endless!

The deal is not only imperceptible, but indistinguishable. With practice, the switch will even fool you.

Alex Moffat has attributed years of research and development into the Flux Deal, borrowing inspiration from Lennart Green, Edward Marlo, and Gene Maze - just a few of the greatest inventors of card magic of our time.

We are proud to present this debut release from Alex Moffat and look forward to seeing where it takes your own magic.


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I got this and I love it, I already have a performance video of it up, I love the applications of this. I used this for a colour changing back routine. Great move.



WOW! This is a killer utility move. A thing of beauty. The ultimate stealth weapon when you want to switch cards without anyone knowing. A new way to perform some of the great classics in magic; Ace Assembly, Two Card Monte, Four - Four Switches, Spectator finds the Aces and many more. Deal cards to the table as they morph before your very eyes... You'll swear it's CGI.

How good is this? Put it this way: I've never written a review before.... but this motivated me to start typing. I'd give it six stars if I could. Well done, Alex Moffat!



Reasonably difficult, but well worth the effort. He offers a lot of different possible uses, and I'm going to work hard to get this a part of my routine as soon as possible.



This is such a great magic trick and you will most definitley not be disapointed BUY IT NOW!



The Flux Deal is worth it. So worth it! It's everything that it is claimed to be. I was anxious to purchase it, fearing it would be a very difficult move that would take tremendous practice. From my experience, it is a difficult move, but not as bad as some. Within one day I had the entire move down. It was still sloppy, but I already got the basics. This move is worth the price and the practice. It could change a lot of magic routines forever. Definitely will change mine. It opens up so many new ideas!



This deal is a bit weird because you deal the opposite way you are used to, but don't think about that! To be able to change cards while dealing them is so powerful - I use it on a daily basis! I call this deal the BFDE (Best False Deal Ever). Its a little knacky but the teaching is great!



I find the grip hard to execute because my forefinger isn't long enough to hold the cards steady. I can hold the cards with my middle finger but then its hard to execute the following move so I think it's only for people with big hands.

Flux Deal by Alex Moffat