Four Foolers Download Bundle

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson
$24.95 - normally $60.00
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Four Foolers Download Bundle

60.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson ($24.95 - normally $60.00)

An exclusive bundle of miracle-level card magic downloads from the venerable Paul Wilson.

“Four Foolers” is an exclusive download bundle available only at Vanishing Inc. These are not throwaway tricks, but rather four amazing card tricks that have been evolved and perfected by Paul over decades of performances.

This is not only real-world material, but all the extra junk has been removed to make it more than practical than ever. Even better, they’re quite easy to perform. Instead of relying on difficult sleight of hand, Paul instead uses beautiful nuances and subtleties to help you elevate your close up magic.

This highly-recommended download bundle can’t be found anywhere else and is available now for a limited time price that is considerably cheaper than buying them separately.

What's Included:

A Beautiful Mind
A remarkably clever and insanely fooling triple prediction that floored our entire team and got one of the biggest “I’m fooled” smiles we’ve ever seen from Andi Gladwin. (an important clarification is available in the full description when you click this link)

A charming routine involving two spectators that seems to go wrong for one of them before a kicker ending, where one selected card transforms into the other, happens right under their noses.

Undone Delusion
Paul Wilson has removed many of the problems impacting the famous “Dunbury Delusion” and streamlined the handling to create a sensational impromptu card trick with an impossible transposition they'll never see coming.

Unholy Gathering
Paul’s innovative and visual moving holes gimmick that can be made in about 60 seconds and allows you to not only use a signed card, but also give away that unforgettable souvenir to every audience. No fragile gimmicks or thread required. Designed for in-person performances.

Running time: Approximately 65 minutes

NOTE: Hole punch for “Unholy Gathering” is NOT included with your purchase.


Community questions about Four Foolers Download Bundle

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Richard asks: Can the first effect “A Beautiful Mind” be performed with jumbo cards?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: That is a great idea! With some modification, it is probably possible.
  • Tony asks: Can I ask 3 questions; 1st, how easy would these tricks be for a beginner? 2nd, with the Beautiful Mind, has anything been cut from the video of the performance (e.g., in the cut from a wide view to just the card on the table), or does it play exactly as shown? And 3rd, also for A Beautiful Mind, is Andi Gladwin genuinely fooled here, or is he a stooge?

    • 1. Jim answers: Some might be challenging for beginners. But your experience may differ, as this is purely subjective. It depends on a variety of factors. If you study the routines and practice, they will be achievable. If you don't study and don't practice, then they are not for you. That is a full performance and the reaction from Andi is legitimate—the routine does not use a stooge.
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  • Jeff asks: How practice is unholy gathering for strolling?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It will take some practice to get the moves down but nothing too bad. If you dedicate some time to it, you'll have a beautiful strolling piece.
  • Tony asks: Thanks for answering my last question. I'm not so interested in the other 3 tricks, but I am intrigued by A Beautiful Mind, as my first question suggests! But I'm a little worried about Oliver's review where he says that the performance was a "best case scenario", and that it will rarely work out like that in the real world. Do you have any comment on that thought? I'm assuming that a video of the "worst case scenario" would give away too much of the method, but even though he says that the download is worth the money, I would still like to know how you would respond to his comment before I make a purchase which would, for me, be specifically for this trick.

    • 1. Jim answers: For questions like this, please contact customer service.
    • 2. Yeang Chiong answers: For "A Beautiful Mind", I'd say that it is a 100% sure fire method, everything should work perfectly. I didn't understood the review's phrasing either but after watching the preview, it can be done easily.
    • 3. Mark answers: If you’re only interested in A Beautiful Mind you can buy the download separately. Paul says in the explanation that the best case scenario you see in the trailer only happens about 5% of the time. Any other scenario will require a different handling, but the final outcome is the same.
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Customer reviews for Four Foolers Download Bundle



This is a beautiful and well thought out routine. A very simple trick to do while also being a trick that you can grow into as you continue performing it. I was completely fooled when I watched Paul perform this for Andy. My first thought was they must've set that up prior to the performance. Nope. Completely impromptu with a normal deck of cards. Can't wait to start playing with this one.



While too many close up "illusions" are obviously gaffs or just cheesy in appearance, Unholy Gathering appears impossible. The movements are slow and deliberate right in front of the spectators eyes. There are no difficult sleights, in fact, no real sleights at all. Paul has made it extremely simple to accomplish with certain subtleties and he teaches it all in a very straightforward manner with everything explained in detail. Bravo!





Very clearly instructed. I look forward to making and performing this effect.



Wonderfull and very well explained. I will use Unholy Gathering in my repertoire.








This is such a good, entertaining video. I have learnt much from it and will continue to do so for some time. A video you can continuously go back to. Great watch. A must but for most magic people! You should buy it now!!









I rarely bypass anything by r Paul Wilson, and this was no exception, I would pay the price of the bundle for any one of these tricks individually, Paul’s teaching method and style is right up my street and all of these tricks are very much in the abilities of most card workers and have been stripped right back to exclude any difficulty sleights and would even be doable by beginners with a little practice.
I liked everyone of these effects and will perform them all.
I really like Paul’s work.



While I do like the bundle very much, there's a little downside to the first effect. The trailer is showing a perfect outcome, that will not appear often. Although I was in comparison to the trailer disappointed about the first effect, it is a very good bundle and well worth the money.



For all the routines, except "Unholy gathering", I think the level must be intermediate.
A beautiful mind (level dependent on the method used) : 3/5 : The trailer shows the perfect case. A Method is explained to be 100% successful, but it is not the method used in the trailer and it does not allow to get the perfect case. And I think the other methods are not well explained.
Undone delusion : 4/5 (intermediate level) : I like the trick but not the method used for the first part of the routine (choice and replacement of the card), which for me (and a laypeople I showed the trailer) is suspicious and/or not clear. I know a easier and more convincing way to achieve the same result.
Devilicious (intermediate level) : 5/5 : The most difficult routine of the four tricks, but all the sleights are justified and I love the presentation with a bit of humor.
Unholy gathering (beginner level) : 4.5/5 : For the moment, I think the first step is a little suspicious, perhaps wrongly. The first thing I thought when I saw the trailer, was : why doesn't he show how he makes the holes? I will have to try the routine.



Four Foolers Download Bundle by Paul Wilson