Card Ninja (Card Throwing Course)

Magic download (video) by Javier Jarquin
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Card Ninja (Card Throwing Course)

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Javier Jarquin (12.00)

This is an unusual, unbelievable collection for Vanishing Inc. Magic. As connoisseurs of all things playing card, we were frankly astounded with the talent of Javier Jarquin, and his card-throwing tutorial. You'll see crisp, cinematic footage of Javier throwing cards with the most unbelievable precision, hitting cans from across a warehouse, or hitting the camera from across a room. His speed and accuracy is insane. Best of all, he teaches all the real work and all his original additions.

There have been a couple other card-throwing tutorials, but nothing approaches "The Card Ninja" in terms of clarity of teaching, and project quality. This is true excellence, and the absolute best resource to learn how to throw cards. At Vanishing Inc. Magic, we like to be part of ANY project when it's the "best-in-class." It's priced affordably, and covers five basic throws:

  • Basic throw
  • Off Hand Throw
  • Scissor Throw
  • Under Shot
  • Long distance spinner

Running Time: 13mins26escs


Customer reviews for Card Ninja (Card Throwing Course)




Dr Bob

Superb.Bob King



Well taught and shot really stylishly. Impressed. Only 10 bucks too. It's a winner



I've always wanted to learn how to throw playing cards but never really bothered learning. I figured that I had nothing to lose for $10 and I was right! This is the perfect introduction to card throwing. I'd recommend it. Javier seems like a cool guy.



I've loved card throwing for a while, and managed to use Velocity to refine my technique to a great degree.

I received an email about this product release, and thought "Why would I need this? I can already throw cards!" Still, it was a steal, and I'm a sucker for impulse buying.

Javier's instruction is, in a single word, efficient. It is not often that the performer of the technique is the best person to teach it, but I finished watching the download incredibly grateful for the clarity and brevity of instruction.

The techniques discussed in the download are unlike anything I've seen elsewhere (the Under Shot alone is well worth the price of admission), but each is explained simply and directly.

I cannot recommend this product highly enough.





I never learned how to throw cards and this is a great place to start. Ten bucks is almost nothing, add it to your cart and learn how to throw cards.



Great techniques, although I was a little disappointed after the purchase, because I knew some of the techniques before. I think that the creator should tell something more about the accuracy of the throws.



Now, I've seen a few card throw teaching materials before. For me, this 13 minutes just did not worth the 10$. Only running through the moves quickly, without deeply explaining and showing important details of exact finger placements, movements, pressure points, timings, etc. at some points. The camera angles are useless here and there. I guess not everyone is good for teaching - even if he is a pro in what he is doing :-/
The "commonly known" throws, which have been teached by others before, does not give you any new details imho.

The video is cut in a way, that at one of the moves he is referring to another move, which is not even explained yet, only later in the video. At about half of the video, he thanks for watching the DVD, etc., so I guess this is an excerpt of a DVD?
Anyway, I'm quite disappointed.


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