MiniCup & Balls

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MiniCup & Balls

7.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Pipo Villanueva ($7.00)

Pipo's beautiful mini-cup and ball routine is absolutely astounding. His elegant handling of the props and natural, entertaining presentation provide a perfect routine for strolling or a more formal performance. 

This is a chop-cup routine, and in the explanation Pipo provides the information necessary to secure all the props you'll need - including the beautifully handmade leather cup and balls.


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  • Floyd asks: Where does one order the the cup and balls. Thanks. Floyd Orr

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please email us and we'll be happy to point you in the direction of the manufacturer.
    • 2. Randy answers: Here are two sellers who make hand-made leather cups/balls that would work for this effect: Best, Randy Masters
    • 3. Michael answers: Just purchased a cup and balls set for this routine from atrix leather. Gorgeous props for an elegant routine.
    • 4. Randy answers: I found another source. The ones on this site aren't as small as Pipo's, but they are nice leather chop cups:
  • tyler asks: Where do I buy the mini cup and balls set?

    • 1. Jim answers: I have yet to find any like this one.
    • 2. German Villanueva (creator) responds: here you can find it
    • 1. Jim answers: I have yet to find any like this one.
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Customer reviews for MiniCup & Balls



This rutine is so beautifully structured and the props are so so beautifull!
Even though you have to order the props he's using they are totaly worth it!




A really great routine!! Difficult to get all the fitting props together, but maybe sometime at ART OF MAGIC?



Best chop cup routine I have seen in years. No "is it in the pocket or under the cup" sequence. Just pure magic



This is a.very nice routine. It is well thought out and will find a nice home in my close-up work.



Outstanding routine construction. Very well done. Very unique Chop Cup sequences that bring a different angle to the effect. I reached out to Fernando to buy the required props and, unfortunately, he is sidelined with arthritis cause by working the leather. I second the suggestion of the Art of Magic offering when Fernando recovers. I looked at all of Fernando's variations in his props and, FWIW, the props used by Pipi are the best IMV. THanks to Pipi for sharing his handling.



This routine is fantastic! Such a great value for only $7.00. You can also use some of the moves for a cups and balls routine or a one cup routine (i.e., with a cup that is not a chop cup). Yes, it's very hard to find the very cute leather cup that Pipo uses, but you can also perform this routine with many other type of cups. It gets your creative juices flowing. I love this routine!

MiniCup & Balls by Pipo Villanueva