Music and the Mirror

Magic download (video) by Robert Ramirez
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Music and the Mirror

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Robert Ramirez ($12.00)

Fresh off his electric performance on Penn and Teller's Fool Us, we are proud to bring you the magic of Robert Ramirez.

In "Music and the Mirror" Robert dazzles spectator Rafael Benatar by having him deal through the pack, stopping and remembering ANY card (no force). Now the spectator shuffles the deck (twice if he prefers). In spite of this, the performer is able to divine the selected card. There is no weird procedure and no sleight-of-hand at all. The entire trick lasts one precious minute. It's fast, impossible, and completely fair. 

  • Easy to do (no perfect faro shuffles, or other difficult moves!)
  • Suitable for ANY performance environment
  • Impromptu version taught

This is EXACTLY where the medium of download is really terrific. You get to see, and learn, a fantastic, impossible card location in a matter of minutes. Based on Jack McMillan's "Mind Mirror," but impressively updated in several useful ways, Ramirez teaches each part of the effect in detail, and it's something you can add to your show immediately.

Running Time: 12 minutes


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Customer reviews for Music and the Mirror



This is the best $10 I have spent this year. I remember reading a similar effect in Expert Card Technique (Mirror of the Mind, or similar). Rob gives full credits and teaches all thing very good. I am really impressed. Please do more downloads with Rob. He is funny too!



My favorite download (and maybe the best trick I have seen this year, I liked Shuffled too). I will use this. Only downside is that to do it as well as Rob will take some practice but I hope I can get there.



I seem to remember something similar on Royal Road and I think either Paul Wilson or Jason England has something to a similar theme. However, this is brilliant. Well created and well taught. Oh, and its easy to do! Who'd have thought it. Thanks guys. Any plans for more downloads from Robert?



Love this trick, excellent



Great effect



As with his coins through effect, great teaching that gets right to the point. Really good effect, loses a star from me only because it relies on someone being able to riffle or faro effectively, and my target audiences cannot be relied to do this without leaving quite a few cards on the carpet. It's not him, it's them.