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The Memory Arts - Expansion Pack 4 Magic download (ebook)
The Memory Arts - Expansion Pack 4
Magic download (ebook) by David Trustman and Sarah Trustman - $5.00

This Memory Arts Expansion Pack teaches you how to memorize ... three decks of cards! It has been said that one should change spouses before changing stacks. And there are a lot of authorities on the subject of memdeck magic that give the same solid advice; study the stacks first, then settle on...

The Memory Arts - Expansion Pack 2 Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive The Memory Arts - Expansion Pack 2
Magic download (ebook) by David Trustman and Sarah Trustman - $7.50

This Expansion Pack for The Memory Arts system provides a useful memory technique for getting into Woody Aragon's Memorandum stack from New Deck Order. The system is based on the brain’s natural ability to retain information visually and spatially. In other words, your mind thinks and...

VTnR Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Arie Bhojez - $12.00

Visual torn and restored effect with a SIGNED card! Tear the spectator's signed selection in a clear manner. With a magical wave of the hand, the tear disappears and the card is restored! Visual No forcing Signed card Impromptu Download the video and...

Roleplayer (Ebook) Magic download (ebook)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Roleplayer (Ebook)
Magic download (ebook) by Benjamin Earl - $20.00

When Benjamin Earl tells us that he's ready to publish his strongest card effect, we listen! In effect, a spectator freely names a card, they shuffle the deck multiple times and then find that card ... and its three mates. Best of all, it happens in their hands, and apparently without the performer...

Andrus Card Control 5 Magic download (video)
Andrus Card Control 5
Magic download (video) by John K. Redmon - $15.00

In Volume 5, Jerry's famous Panoramic Shift is taught in detail using single and multiple cards inserted into the deck in different places. As you'll see in this trailer, these very cards end up on the top of the deck! This move is probably the most well-known move of Jerry's amongst magicians....

Fishing Time Magic download (video)
Fishing Time
Magic download (video) by Rizki Nanda - $9.95

Go fishing and catch your spectator's card! Let your spectator select any card and they can SIGN it. Their signed card is placed in the middle of the deck. Now you introduce your unique fishing card and try to fish for their signed card from the deck. Visually and without cover you...

Clipnotize Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Chris Annable - $10.00

Three great card routines that incorporate the use of a standard paperclip. This 40 minute multi-angle instructional video will teach you the following magic: Clip Fishing: A selected card is lost until a spectator finds it by using a paperclip to fish into the deck. Clip...

The Vault - Selenium Shift Magic download (video)
The Vault - Selenium Shift
Magic download (video) by Chris Severson - $14.95

The Best Card Control in Magic! "The Selenium Shift is the ClipShift of this generation. The best control I've seen so far hands down." - Shin Lim "If you think the control is fooling, wait until you see the applications. One of the most convincing controls out there." -...

Creepy Card 2.0 Magic download (video)
Creepy Card 2.0
Magic download (video) by ARNEL L. RENEGADO - $9.95

A unique and visual rising card effect In Creepy Card 2.0, your spectator selects a card and you put it on the bottom of the deck. You then put the deck inside the box and, with a shake of the hand, the card moves a little bit up from the bottom of the pack. The spectator can see this...

Andrus Card Control 4 Magic download (video)
Andrus Card Control 4
Magic download (video) by John K. Redmon - $15.00

The in-depth teaching of moves taught here in Volume 4 will allow you to begin to fully master and use the strength of the Andrus Card Control approach. These moves are not difficult in their mechanics since they rely fully on the Diagonal Jog Push In Control taught in Volume 1. They are some...

GHOST DECK Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by ARNEL L. RENEGADO - $14.95

A new kind of Haunted Deck! Spectator selects any card from the deck. You then lose it in the pack of cards. Place the deck in a leaning position next to a wall, coffee cup or soda can. After a few moments, by magic, without touching it, the deck cuts itself right at the selected...

Freak (download) Magic download (video)
Freak (download)
Magic download (video) by Will Houstoun - $15.00

Believe it or not, Will Houstoun's FREAK is only an illusion, which anyone can learn. It's completely impromptu and can be performed surrounded. On this video, Will goes into intricate detail revealing the secret to all four phases of the routine - providing you with 20 minutes of expert...

Routines (download) Magic download (video)
Routines (download)
Magic download (video) by Guy Hollingworth - $30.00

Helium Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson - $5.00

Paul Wilson's variation on Dr. Sawa's ace production from Richard Kaufman's Sawa's Library of Magic allows you to produce a four of a kind from the pack by apparently causing them to float straight out of the deck.

David's Cull Download Magic download (video)
David's Cull Download
Magic download (video) by David González - $15.00

David's cull is a work of beautiful simplicity. He has engineered a technique that is as certain as it is ingenious. Spread through the deck once and you can instantly produce any cards desired. We've watched David perform it many times. If you're serious about sleight of hand with cards, this is...

Con Cam Coincidencia Magic download (video)
Con Cam Coincidencia
Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson - $14.95

The trick that helped Shin Lim win America's Got Talent!Con Cam Coincidencia is merely a card trick, but when performed well it can be a remarkable piece of showmanship. The effect requires the participation of three individuals and takes no more than four minutes to perform. The end result is...

Creepy Card Magic download (video)
Creepy Card
Magic download (video) by ARNEL L. RENEGADO - $9.95

A self-bending card -- highly recommended for use during your Ambitious Card routine. Imagine the following. A card is chosen and placed into your spectator's hand. Suddenly the card bends by itself! This will bring your Ambitious Card to a whole new level! ...

Bill Grave Magic download (video)
Bill Grave
Magic download (video) by ARNEL L. RENEGADO - $6.95

A shocking solid-through-solid demonstration - WOW! In sum, cards or bills penetrate each other visually and instantly! The spectator selects any card or bill. You place them across on your palm and let your spectator hold them by their two edges. With a blink of an eye, the...

The Vault - A Poker Trick Magic download (video)
The Vault - A Poker Trick
Magic download (video) by The Other Brothers - $20.00

Are you allowed to play cards at the casino? A question many of us have been asked multiple times. With A Poker Trick, you can now show your spectators exactly how skilled you are and why casinos have you banned for life! One spectator chooses to become the cheater. The cards are then...

OPiN By Matt Pilcher Magic download (video)
OPiN By Matt Pilcher
Magic download (video) by Matt Pilcher - $6.45

Magic creator Matt Pilcher brings you an outstanding new effect from his creative genius mind. EFFECT: You explain to your spectator that you have a prediction written in the 'Note' section of your phone. However, your phone is locked with a 4 digit pin number. The spectator chooses...

Fan2C Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Paul Wilson - $12.00

Imagine this, you're holding a lousy hand of poker spread at the fingertips. In a subtle action of riffling the edges of the cards, they seem to magically morph into a royal flush. The cards are visible the whole time and can immediately be handed out for examination. 

Flow Change Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Flow Change
Magic download (video) by Valdemar Gestur - $5.00

Visually change a playing card into something else of value, like a spectators selection. Flow Change is Valdemar Gestur's unique version of a classic color change in card magic. The difference? This method ends completely clean. The best part, it's extremely easy to do!

Inscrutable Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Inscrutable
Magic download (video) by John Carney - $5.00

Upon trying to find the four Aces, the magician is having no luck as Jokers are popping up everywhere. Eventually, the magician becomes fed up and turns them all into Aces. Expertly explained by master close-up magician John Carney.

Flourishes Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Dan and Dave Buck - $25.00

A collection of 10 flashy, breathtaking flourishes from Dan and Dave's personal repertoire explained in full detail - including the Carnahan Fan, Molecule Four, Pandora, Erdnase Go Round, Vertigo, Eko, Mecka, Akira, Tectonic Verb, and their acclaimed Jackson Five flourish. Part 2 of 3 of The...

Magic Farm Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Magic Farm
Magic download (video) by David Williamson - $25.00

Dave Williamson's Magic Farm contains more of the magic that has made Dave one of the most sought after magicians in the world! You'll see Dave perform powerful new audience-tested routines like Liar's Poker, a devilishly clever gambling routine, and Funner Color Stunner, Dave's wicked Color...