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Magic download (video) by Bill Goodwin ($9.60)

In this astonishing effect, any four of a kind is found by the spectator from a shuffled deck. This amazing piece of magic has the spectator seemingly accomplish all of the work, but the cards are completely under your control. Originally published by Goodwin in Notes from the Batcave in 1993, this fascinating take on Jennings’ Prefiguration is sure to leave your audiences baffled.


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Like has been wrote many times here on VI Bill Goodwin is a true master! This download is well worth your attention for excellent construction and management. The reactions from magicians and lay people alike are the bomb. Highly recommended. Great advice from Bill on the cellar. Those that know will understand.



Great video production, starts with a full demo, then the full tutorial,
Using Just A Normall Decent Deck Off Cards, as you need the Cards To Glide,
This video includes credits and history on the moves, followed by a performance in slow mo, pointing out the slights, a great teacher, and great card magic.

Pre-Pre-Figuration by Bill Goodwin