Rob Ramirez Bundle

Magic download (video) by Robert Ramirez
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Rob Ramirez Bundle

36.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Robert Ramirez ($36.00)

Rob is one of the most fun people we know. His energy is infectious and his magic is fantastic. In this download bundle, Rob is going to teach you three terrific routines. The fist (S.U.C.A.) is a fast paced ace cutting routine which builds fantastically well and is perfect for close-up shows or small parlour. The second, Boxed Lunch, is a quirky sandwich routine with an ending that will catch you off guard!. Finally, Four Ahead is a real fooler. Don't take your attention off the four queens as they transpose at lightening speed with a selected card!


This routine is a picture-perfect lesson in framing. By this, we mean that Rob Ramirez has taken an extremely basic move--the multiple shift--and “framed” it with a compelling, funny, and realistic presentation on cutting the Aces. He shares not only the finesse points on controlling four Aces, but also all four of his dynamic Ace revelations. Of course, you can use any Ace revelations once the cards have been controlled.

The real value in “SUCA” (Stand-up Cutting Aces) is in the format, and the way Rob skirts the line of realism and super-human skill. This sort of presentational style should be something we aspire to: conversational yet exciting. You can do “SUCA” with any deck handed to you, on the spot.

Running Time: 25 minutes

Boxed Lunch

The sandwich plot has been done, and done, and done. So why learn another one? Because Rob Ramirez has cracked the plot! This hard-hitting, three-phase routine is easy-to-follow, and is a “best-of” with all the very best elements of the Sandwich trick collected in one logical, flowing routine. It starts with a basic sandwich “catch,” and then the sandwich revelations become increasingly impossible.

As ever, you receive not only the complete tutorial of the sleights and phases involved, but also Rob’s hilarious and engaging presentation.

Running Time: 35 minutes

Four Ahead

There’s a plot in card magic that we at Vanishing Inc. Magic are just crazy about: asymmetrical transpositions. This means a transposition between, say, a selected card and four Queens. It’s a transposition of not just two objects, but the number of objects as well. It is always unexpected, and a WTF moment for spectators.

What Rob offers with his superb “Four Ahead” is a streamlined routine that gets you TWO beautiful moments with two different selected cards. Observe how every palm, every sleight, and every action is entirely motivated and built into the routine. This is a chance to study with Rob as he explains the details of not only this routine, but how to structure ANY routine so the motivation for each sleight is built into the structure of the routine.

Running Time: 19 minutes


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