The Vault - The Combination Shuffle

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The Vault - The Combination Shuffle

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Magic download (video) by Benjamin Earl and Studio52Magic Ltd. ($20.00)

A false shuffle so deceptive, that you'll even fool yourself.

Every magician needs a strong arsenal of utility sleight of hand moves, and few false shuffles are as powerful as "The Combination Shuffle" from Ben Earl.

Infusing his signature brand of thinking and creativity, Ben has developed a remarkably convincing false shuffle. Even when you know it's happening, you'll struggle to believe that the cards AREN'T out of place.

Download now to learn everything needed to make this a permanent part of your card magic repertoire.


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  • Tommy asks: Is this the same shuffle taught in his book less is more

    • 1. Richard answers: Not in Less is More, but rather The Shift, vol. I.
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  • Randall asks: Ben Earl is amazing. Curious, how many minutes is this video?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes he is! The video is actually in two parts. The first one runs about 25 minutes and the second part is 23 minutes.
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"Benjamin Earl has the skills of a card god" - The ghost of Dai Vernon (probably).
If you aren't familiar with Ben, he has a company called Studio 52 where he teaches his most guarded secrets, sleights and subtleties. *Chef kiss*
Ben "the man" Earl has blessed us with his combination shuffle that is sure to go straight into your arsenal. This shuffle move was released in his book series the Shift (See volume 1). However, if you learn better by video tutorials and are stricken with being both left handed and with mild dyslexia (e.g. me) then this is the download for you. $20 is the price of a caramel latte and a croissant at your local cafe'... The combination shuffle is priceless.





This is really good. Fooling, fun to practice, and well explained. Ben Earl spends a lot of time going over the individual elements that go into the "combination," and explains the details really well. One thing to bear in mind is that you receive two videos. While they're not identical--they are filmed in different contexts--they both stand alone and cover the same material. I watched both, but I didn't notice any real substantive differences. Save yourself 25 minutes and just watch one of them.

The Vault - The Combination Shuffle by Benjamin Earl and Studio52Magic Ltd.