Troy Hooser's Table Passes

Magic download (video) by Troy Hooser
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Troy Hooser's Table Passes

12.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Troy Hooser ($12.00)

After an extended hiatus from publishing magic, Troy Hooser is back. Long regarded as one of magic’s most elegant and creative thinkers, Troy Hooser reemerges on Vanishing Inc. and brings us a most unexpected treasure trove:

A whole collection of table passes! Move monkeys rejoice. This material is as exciting to learn as it is to watch. The sub-genre of table passes is a largely unexplored corner of sleight-of-hand. Essentially, you are nullifying a cut, or undoing someone’s cut (could be your own) in the act of squaring the cards or lifting them from a table.

The reason there is such interest in table passes is that the pass is almost impossible to execute seated at a table, without flashing. So, you require an entirely different set of techniques to make this action imperceptible while seated at a table. That’s exactly the topic of this download, and Troy provides not one, not two, but more than ten table-passes that you’ll be able to implement in your work.

These are not easy, but this download is specifically for cheating specialists, advanced sleight-of-hand practitioners, and those looking for controls that can be done seated at a table.

Running Time: 17 minutes


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Great tutorial



A method worth knowing, a great teacher.





This is a good, although brief, download. It's not flashy, just Troy Hooser, sitting behind a table giving us a monologue, but the filming is clear, and from multiple angles. Another reviewer has criticised some of these passes, saying you 'feel something weird has taken place'. I agree that, on video, this is the case However, in my experience, used live, and with the appropriate misdirection, they can be 'invisible'. If you try each of the passes, figure out what works best for you, and like with every sleight, practice it until you make it your own, you will have another powerful tool in your toolbox.



I think that the download is very well produced, it includes some good moves, but some of them are not very natural, you don't see them but you 'feel' that something weird took place.

For just 10 bucks the download gave me some moves to practice on. Maybe some day I will add one of Troy's table passes (the natural ones) to my repertoire.

Troy Hooser's Table Passes by Troy Hooser