Hand-Picked Astonishments: Invisible Deck

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Hand-Picked Astonishments: Invisible Deck

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DVD or download by Joshua Jay and Paul Harris ($19.95)

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Hand-Picked Astonishments: Invisible Deck - magic
Hand-Picked Astonishments: Invisible Deck Hand-Picked Astonishments: Invisible Deck Hand-Picked Astonishments: Invisible Deck

Handpicked Astonishments is Paul Harris' new concept for teaching the cutting-edge magic on a wide variety of topics. The concept is simple. Rather than try to teach every variation or idea on a topic, he curates. Put simply, these are the absolute BEST five or six effects possible on each topic. No filler—just the ultimate routines you can perform with thumbtips, loops, the Invisible Deck, and card forcing. Taught by expert magician Joshua Jay in meticulous detail and clarity, this is the Tarbell Course for the digital age!

Invisible Deck is possibly the highlight of the entire Handpicked series. You think you know the trick...but when you see the touches, handlings, and improvements by some of the most diabolical minds in magic, you will find MANY ways to amp up the impact of this fine classic. You will also learn ideal ways to present the effect according to venue, and also some totally different effects possible with the Invisible Deck method.

Contents of Handpicked Astonishments: Invisible Deck

  • Introduction to the Invisible Deck
  • Cell Phone Presentation (how to involve someone from across the globe)
  • Jay Sankey’s X (possibly the best variation on the original)
  • Beyond Invisible (A totally new twist on the classic routine)
  • Invisible Deep 3 (Predict a spectator’s initials!)
  • Pit Boss (The perfect ending to a one-ahead routine by Thom Peterson)
  • And much more!
"The production quality of this project is of the highest standard and Joshua makes learning easy and fun to understand every aspect of the deck and routines. This is a collection of the most powerful effects every created using The Invisible Deck. Highly Recommended" Vanish Magazine
"The bottom line is that there are plenty of good ideas and subtleties on this video that it's very much worthy of your attention. You are being handed on a silver platter the actual routines from actual pros." Jeff Stone, Magic Reviewed

Running time: 1 hour


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Customer reviews for Hand-Picked Astonishments: Invisible Deck



I just watched all of these and this one is my favorite! Wow! The torn corner bit Josh teaches is incredible--should be THE way to do Invisible Deck. I also love the routines that veer away from the standard plot. Bravo! I thought I wouldn't learn much, and learned a ton. I'm a fan of the whole series!



Another winner! This is the second in the series that I got. I loved thumb tips and I love this one as well. Sankey's version is my favorite, with big Xs on the back. So smart! Love this and the routines are going right into my repertoire!



More than satisfied. The material is fantastic. The ideas presented are genius. Great purchase!



This is Amazing! The tricks are different each other and you'll surely find your favorite! There is also a mentalist routine that I love!



Just like many people, I think out of all of the amazing tricks, Jay Sankey's tricks in this DVD are my favorite. I would recommend this to everyone. It teaches everything, from the basics of an invisible deck to the advanced features. Amazing.



I have been using the invisible deck off and on for years but this dvd has given me some fantastic new ideas on its use.
I am resurrecting this in my set as an opener in my close up.

Hand-Picked Astonishments: Invisible Deck by Joshua Jay and Paul Harris