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DVD by Criss Smith - 24.95

Seasoned performer Criss Smith brings you his DVD Perplex, full of worker material fine-tuned in front of bar audiences, which means it's quick and...

Patrick Page's Cards to Pocket Book
Patrick Page's Cards to Pocket
Book by Lewis Ganson - 20.00

This book contains the late Patrick Page's handling and routine for the classic Cards to Pocket. Patrick's take on the effect is extremely direct...

Modern Flap Card Trick
Modern Flap Card
Trick by Magic Soul - From $24.95

First introduced in 1922, the Flap Card has become a staple in the routines of magicians worldwide to produce all sorts of stunning effects....

Houdini's The Great Escapes Trick
Houdini's The Great Escapes
Trick by Merlins of Wakefield - 15.00

Looking for your next packet trick to astound spectators? Want something they can hold in their hands yet is easy to do? Then ask the most famous...

A Pocketful of Miracles Book
A Pocketful of Miracles
Book by Hugh Miller - 29.95

A Pocketful of Miracles is an incredible collection of magic specifically for impromptu performer. Be ready anytime you need, be it at a table,...

Mirage Trick
Trick by David Stone and JB Dumas - 34.95

If it started as a Paul Harris idea, then you should take notice. When David Stone uses it all the time, too, then you should be purchasing one now!...

Conjuring Book
Book by Eric Hawkesworth - 14.95

This is a great collection of magic for any stand-up performer. You'll learn productions, cards, mentalism and so much more!With so many different...

Cardiographic Lite Refill Trick
Cardiographic Lite Refill
Trick by Martin Lewis - 25.00

The classic effect has now gotten smaller and more portable, but still packs its very sizeable punch for audiences. Welcome to Cardiographic...

Alpha Deck Trick
Alpha Deck
Trick by Richard Sanders - 34.95

The Alpha Deck is a SELF-WORKING, 3-phase miracle...with an ending which will blow your audience away. Here is the effect: The deck is...

Holely Change Trick
Holely Change
Trick by SansMinds Productionz - 29.99

The Japanese phenomenon has finally come to the US market, and it's a color change like you've never seen before. This is Holely Change!A spectator...

Rovi Reveals Book
Rovi Reveals
Book by Lewis Ganson - 9.95

Looking for accessible plots paired with inexplicable magical effects? The check out Rovi Reveals by Lewis Ganson!Rovi excelled in developing just...

Stand Up Monte Expansion Pack Trick
Stand Up Monte Expansion Pack
Trick by Garrett Thomas - 20.00

If you have Stand Up Monte, you know how powerful and flabbergasting it is for spectators. Now it's time to kick it up a notch with the Stand Up...

Magic of Frederica  Edited Book
Magic of Frederica Edited
Book by Lewis Ganson - 29.95

This impressive collection is a compilation of the huge amount of material Tommy Frederick (Frederica) submitted to The Gen. It contains a wide...

Hallucination Deck Trick
Hallucination Deck
Trick by Jerome Canolle - 39.95

They'll definitely think something is wrong with their eyes when you pull out the Hallucination Deck! Imagine removing a red card from a red...

The Dream Card Revisited  - A Comprehensive Guide Book
The Dream Card Revisited - A Comprehensive Guide
Book by David Malek - 39.95

Get ready for a masterclass in Signed Card to Wallet in The Dream Card Revisited by David Malek!This book describes in detail how to perform a...

Best Sellers Book
Best Sellers
Book by Tom Sellers - 29.95

Tom Sellers produced over a dozen books in his time, but you can get the best of all of them in Best Sellers. This prolific inventor came...

Sonic Stab DVD
Sonic Stab
DVD by SansMinds Productionz - 24.99

A modern-day update for the venerable Card Stab, Sonic Stab is sure to get a spectator's attention! Get ready to channel that inner Indiana Jones...

Changeling ODO Trick
Changeling ODO
Trick by Marc Lavelle - 34.95

It's hard to improve upon near perfection, but that's just what we did for Changeling ODO! Changeling set the standard for bill switches...

Varied Deceptions Book
Varied Deceptions
Book by Milbourne Christopher - 19.95

Get ready for more magic than you can handle with this comprehensive text. Varied Deceptions is bursting at the seams with all kinds of magic, so...

Double Dutch DVD
Double Dutch
DVD by Fritz Alkemade - 30.00

Double Dutch is an amazing compilation of magic from Dutch magician extraordinaire, Fritz Alkemade. You are in for a treat with this incredible...

Fall Transpo Trick
Fall Transpo
Trick by SMagic Productions - 24.95

Two card corners + one flick of the fingers = Transposition. It's just that easy with Fall Transpo!Smagic brings you this fresh twist on the old...

X Trick
Trick by James Conti - 24.95

Too many revelations require a lot of setup or time to get to the point. Why not try something incredibly quick that's also incredibly visual? You...

Bicycle Gaff Pack Accessory
Bicycle Gaff Pack
Accessory by Jeremy Hanrahan - From $19.95

Ringing in a gaffed card when no one suspects it can lead to some devastating effects not otherwise possible. With that in mind, Jeremy Hanrahan...

Rosy Trick
Trick by Lee Jah Bond - 19.95

Looking for a way to get noticed? Well, ROSES and LOVE usually do the trick, as they do in THIS trick.Display four rose-bearing playing cards....

Sharp Sorcery Book
Sharp Sorcery
Book by Les Sharps - 19.95

Looking for some incredible stand-up material? Maybe a large variety so you can pick your favorite types? You are in luck with Sharp Sorcery. Les...

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Singapore's Harapan Ong has caused an online sensation with his technical abilities....
Level One
Level One By Christian Grace This is a slow-motion, visual vanish of a deck of...
Plots & Methods
Plots & Methods is the kind of booklet we love, because the creator spends time...
Turn by Peter Pellikaan
TURN is just one of those tricks you have to see. So, stop...
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