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Ariose DVD
DVD by Yohei Hawabata - $39.95

Ariose is Yohei Kawabata's card magic collection featuring double card techniques. Yohei is a master of double card technique. His...

Influence Trick
Trick by Mickael Chatelain - $29.95

Can we or can we not influence things, events, or decisions? After participating in this demonstration, your spectators will no doubt have their...

Torn Card Evolution Trick
Torn Card Evolution
Trick by Juan Pablo - $29.95

What if it was possible that you could tear the corner of a card the same every time? No tools or gimmicks required Imagine the effects...

Flight Trick
Trick by Kevin Li - $29.95

Without doubt, Kevin Li's "Flight" is one of, if not the world's finest torn and restored card effects on the market, and certainly the first...

Rainbow Monte Trick
Rainbow Monte
Trick by Juan Pablo - $49.95

The magician shows three blank cards and one Ace. He makes the monte and the spectator always loses. At the end of the show the magician shows that...

Deceive DVD & props
DVD & props by SansMinds - $25.00

SansMinds Creative Lab team is always pushing boundaries in revolutionary ways to enhance audience experiences. SansMinds is proud to present...

Monte Test Trick
Monte Test
Trick by Anthony Stan - $19.95

Monte Test is an original version of the famous three card monte routine. Anthony Stan presents to you a new approach with MULTIPLE PHASES, and...

Leap of Faith DVD
Leap of Faith
DVD by SansMinds - $29.95

Leap of Faith creates a powerful connection between you and your spectator. SansMinds Creative Lab has modernized a classic plot and made it...

Mutation Trick
Trick by Peter Eggink - $34.95

You remove one "prediction" card from the pack and the spectator is asked to sign her name on its back. The card is then isolated UNDER the...

GPS Pack Nav Trick
GPS Pack Nav
Trick by Oliver Meech - $39.95

GPS PackNav is a signed-card-to-impossible-location routine with a surprising modern twist. A spectator selects a card and marks it on...

Clever Deck Trick
Clever Deck
Trick by Wayne Dobson - $29.99 $22.79 (SAVE $7.20)

Yet another classic comedy effect from one of the world's foremost creators. Clever Deck Reshuffled is the classic 'Vanishing Bandana' on steroids...

Quinte Trick
Trick by Jean-Pierre Vallerino - $29.95

With Quinte Card Flush, Jean-Pierre Vallarino gives us a stunning poker routine with a really devastating finale. After having shown an astounding...

Trilogy Extreme Trick
Trilogy Extreme
Trick by Brian Caswell - $40.00

3 Times the Effect 100 Times the Impact! This has got to be one of the finest card and number routines ever created. When Trilogy was released...

Haunted Revolution Trick
Haunted Revolution
Trick by Mariano Goni - $14.95

We're very excited about this new release from Mariano Goni - the cleanest and most astonishing, examinable haunted pack in the world. This is ......

Spin Control DVD
Spin Control
DVD by Hyojin Kim - $24.95

The Spin Control is an innovative card move. On this DVD you will be able to learn a brand new performance as well as learn new ideas where you...

Move Zero (Volume 2) DVD or download
Move Zero (Volume 2)
DVD or download by John Bannon - $30.00

John Bannon's Move Zero is undoubtedly the most exciting study of self-working card magic this century. On Volume 2 you will find ten...

Zig Zag Card Trick
Zig Zag Card
Trick by Mr. Magic - $3.95 $3.00 (SAVE $0.95)

The performer shows a plastic frame having four windows. Three of these windows are on one side of the frame forming a vertical column while the...

Zig Zag Lady Trick
Zig Zag Lady
Trick by Mr. Magic - $3.95 $3.00 (SAVE $0.95)

The performer shows a plastic frame having four windows. Three of these windows are on one side of the frame forming a vertical column while the...

Darkslide Trick
Trick by Chris Ramsay - $20.00

Chris Ramsay's latest heart-stopper has been flooring spectators with an incredibly open and fair card reversal. His newest creation, Darkslide,...

Stigmata DVD
DVD by Wayne Houchin - $24.95

We're very pleased to be able to offer you one of Wayne Houchin's signature effects, Stigmata - a powerful and disturbing thought revelation that...

The Ladybug Trick
The Ladybug
Trick by Hugo Valenzuela - $49.95

If cute and quaint card revelations are your thing, The Lady Bug from Hugo Valenzuela should be right up your street. A beautifully unique...

Deal Sealer Trick
Deal Sealer
Trick by Cody Fisher - $24.95

Cody has gotten more $100 tips with this effect and strategy than any other! THE DEAL SEALER is Cody Fisher's closely-guarded secret for...

Great Big Fat Sidewalk Shuffle Trick
Great Big Fat Sidewalk Shuffle
Trick by Martin Lewis - $45.00

Martin's classic effect, still used by magicians everywhere, after 30 years. This is in three phases. The first two are similar, but with...

Smooth Prediction Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Smooth Prediction
Trick by Darryl Davis - $25.00

In this intriguing routine, you predict two cards, one thought-of and a one freely cut to! This is clean, direct magic at its best. ...

Know-Book Book
Book by Himitsu Magic - $99.95 $75.96 (SAVE $23.99)

Know-Book is the latest ingenious creation from Himitsu Magic. A sure-fire, solid mentalism effect that is sure to leave your spectators in...

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