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P'ink Trick
Trick by Ran Pink - $29.95

Words change, drawings animate, spirits talk, matches un-burn. After years of research and development, Ran Pink has created...

Handomatic DVD
DVD by Mark Southworth - $60.00

Imagine being able to make a card appear in mid-air. You throw a piece of nothing and in mid-air, it morphs into a card.No palming!Very easy to...

I Hate Card Tricks Trick
I Hate Card Tricks
Trick by Stephen Bargatze - $35.00

"Not only did he fool me twice, but it's entertaining too!" - Shawn Farquhar "Everybody wants to be Stephen Bargatze." - Bob...

Lennart Green's Green Lite DVD
Lennart Green's Green Lite
DVD by Lennart Green - $34.95

Lennart Green does things with a deck of cards that you will not believe. He is in constant demand all over the world with his amazing card magic...

Blue Poker Trick
Blue Poker
Trick by Nathan Kranzo - $9.95 $7.56 (SAVE $2.39)

The performer announces that he would like to perform the famous effect "blue poker" using three blue kings. It will only work if you have three...

DVD by Steve Rowe - $34.95

Steve Rowe's 'MinT' is a killer new card revelation for magicians of any skill level. Make a signed card vanish and reappear inside a transparent...

Pasteboard: SansMinds Workers' Series DVD
Pasteboard: SansMinds Workers' Series
DVD by SansMinds - $34.95

Pasteboard from the SansMinds Worker's Series is a project designed for working magicians. Every piece in this card magic collection is selected...

Something Out of the Ordinary DVD
Something Out of the Ordinary
DVD by Nicholas Lawrence - $34.95

Organic looking magic with everyday objects is the strongest form of magic people can experience live. Everything appears to be raw, unprepared,...

Dissolve DVD
DVD by Francis Menotti - $29.95

Finally, one of the best tricks of all time gets a massive upgrade. Top Pro, Francis Menotti stunned all of us when he slowly and visually made...

Unlink Trick
Trick by Jordan Victoria - $34.95

The Unlink gimmick is very versatile and it's different from what is already on the market. You can have a freely selected card that is signed and...

Regeneration Trick
Trick by Blake Vogt - $49.95

This is your SECRET weapon of MASS deception. This is something you will save for that special moment - that pivotal instant when you need...

French Kiss Trick
French Kiss
Trick by Wayne Houchin and Theory 11 - $19.95

From Wayne Houchin, renowned performer, creator, and star of Discovery Channel’s Breaking Magic. In 2002, Wayne Houchin developed a...

The Code Trick
The Code
Trick by Andy Nyman - $24.95

"I think you've got two choices: Get The Code and do amazing things, or don't - in which case, someone like Andy is going to use it to fool your...

Flash Deck Switch 2.0 Trick
Flash Deck Switch 2.0
Trick by Shin Lim - $34.95

Whether you are a beginner or expert, imagine how much more fascinating it would be to manipulate two decks at the same time right under your...

Ripper  DVD
DVD by Matthew Wright - $35.00

Ripper is a fresh new approach on the torn and restored card. A specially designed gimmick allows for an "at the fingertips" visual tear and...

Ripper (Twisted Edition) DVD
Ripper (Twisted Edition)
DVD by Matthew Wright - $49.95

Ripper is a new approach to the torn and restored card.  A specially designed gimmick allows for an "at the fingertips" visual tear and...

Tremble DVD
DVD by Magician Anonymous - $29.95

Technology today is at its peak in amazing feats and is only getting more impressive, so it's hard to sway the average heckler with a simple snap...

Ultimate Handy Sound Trick
Ultimate Handy Sound
Trick by King of Magic - $180.00 $136.80 (SAVE $43.20)

UHS is a great product for self-controlled sound.Comes with almost 1000 different sounds BUT you will be able to download many different types of...

Last Laugh Trick
Last Laugh
Trick by Mark Elsdon - $38.00

Last Laugh is Mark Elsdon's brilliantly clever take on the "stranger card" plot. Two decks of cards are introduced, both with different...

Incarnation DVD
DVD by Marc Oberon - $99.95

Marc Oberon latest gimmick has been a year in the making. Called Incarnation, it provides the ability to manifest thought and offers countless...

Insight Trick
Trick by Tom Elderfield - $25.00

Gamblers have spent years on end to find the most flawless method in knowing the identity of an unknown card; however, the perfect way to execute...

Tommy Wonder's Rubik's Card Trick
Tommy Wonder's Rubik's Card
Trick by Tommy Wonder - $75.00

The magician shows a box with fifteen cubes inside. These cubes have in their faces lots of cards all mixed up. The artist says he will try to...

50 Fifty DVD
50 Fifty
DVD by Brian Kennedy - $38.00

Created by Brian Kennedy, 50Fifty is an incredible stage illusion that you can perform in close up conditions. A freely selected card is...

Badge DVD
DVD by Alexis De La Fuente and Sebastien Calbry - $45.00

For the first time ever Sebastien Calbry and Alex De La Fuente have created a card that changes without the need to be touched. Any...

Destination DVD
DVD by Rus Andrews - $45.00

Imagine being able to place a single playing card down in front of a spectator, have them merely think of a card and even change their mind. ...

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