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RollerCoaster Double Magic download (video)
RollerCoaster Double
Magic download (video) by Alessandro Parabaighi - $2.95

Want to add a bit of flair to your next card trick? Well look no further than Italian underground sensation Alessandro Parabiaghi's Roller...

Spin Doctor DVD
Spin Doctor
DVD by John Bannon - $15.00 $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

Author and creator John Bannon remixes a classic Ace trick. Four red-backed Aces, held face-down, are spun. After each revolution, a different Ace...

Duplicity DVD & props
DVD & props by John Bannon - $16.00 $12.16 (SAVE $3.84)

"Twisted Sisters is one of the best-selling card tricks of all time. I like this more." - David Regal Part II of the Fractal Card Magic...

Regal Color Changing Deck DVD & props
Regal Color Changing Deck
DVD & props by David Regal - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

If you are looking for a colour changing deck routine with a difference, this may be for you! Effect A card is selected Its...

System 6 - Modern Triumph Trick
System 6 - Modern Triumph
Trick by Michael Muldoon - $29.95

Its finally here, the cleanest most visual Triumph yet. The spectator removes a card, remembers it and places it back. As in the classic triumph...

OCD Deck DVD & props
OCD Deck
DVD & props by SansMinds - $35.00

This deck does everything for you and you can even perform it surrounded. Imagine having the spectator holding a shuffled deck of playing cards...

Don England's Ultra Collectors Trick
Don England's Ultra Collectors
Trick by Don England - $10.00 $7.60 (SAVE $2.40)

The four tens are removed from the deck and tabled face-up. Three cards are then selected, memorized and lost in the pack. The tens are placed on...

Ultimate Ambition Improved (Red) Deck of cards
Ultimate Ambition Improved (Red)
Deck of cards by Daryl Easton - $40.00

Daryl used this amazing effect to win the Gold Medal for Card Magic at the World Congress of Magic (F.I.S.M.). And now... it's been improved! ...

Extractor Gold Edition (Blue) Trick
Extractor Gold Edition (Blue)
Trick by Alakazam Magic - $80.00

Q. What Is A Gold Edition Product? A. Alakazams Gold Edition is the latest up date on a previously released effect. This new...

Creased DVD
DVD by Arnel Renegado - $30.00

Welcome to RSVP's brand new release "Creased' by Arnel Renegado. A new effect that can stand alone at the end of any card routine or be THE...

Twilight Angel Full Deck Accessory
Twilight Angel Full Deck
Accessory by Paul Harris - $20.00

Twilight Angels is Paul Harris' all time favorite effect from TA. This classic PH Astonishment is finally available with a full deck of 52...

Six Card Repeat Trick
Six Card Repeat
Trick by Uday Jadugar - $4.00 $3.04 (SAVE $0.96)

Spread six cards, throw three of them down, show you still have six cards, repeat 3 to 4 times, without running out of cards!

Trilogy Streamline - Version 2.0 Trick
Trilogy Streamline - Version 2.0
Trick by Brian Caswell - $36.00

Trilogy Streamline has all the impact of the original but get this; the deck is in full view from the very beginning! 3 Times The...

Mirage Deck (Bicycle) Deck of cards
Mirage Deck (Bicycle)
Deck of cards by Unknown - $7.50 $5.70 (SAVE $1.80)

Beginner magicians will be floored by it and working professionals will be angry it took them so long to discover it. The incredibly easy-to-use...

ACE by Richard Sanders Trick
ACE by Richard Sanders
Trick by Richard Sanders - $25.00

A disturbingly clean 4 card change that happens in the spectator's own hands!  Effect: 2 jokers are cleanly placed int the spectator's...

Hummer Card Trick
Hummer Card
Trick by Jon Jenson and Jon Jensen - $10.00 $7.60 (SAVE $2.40)

This tribute to one of the greatest magic inventors is now being offered by one of magic's best writers and illustrators, Jon Jensen. Learn how...

NFW trick Trick
NFW trick
Trick by Penguin Magic - $19.95 $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

If you have to ask what the name stands for, you haven't seen it done! Effect: You display a packet of four face up Jokers. As you count through...

Twizted DVD
DVD by Eric Jones - $40.00

Eric's take on twisting the aces. Four cards are used, one at at time the cards turn face up in progressively more visual, and impressive ways....

Haunted Deck Bicycle Accessory
Haunted Deck Bicycle
Accessory by Unknown - $7.50 $5.70 (SAVE $1.80)

Haunted Deck Bicycle (Blue)   Deck only.  No instructions.

Imagine DVD
DVD by G; SM Productionz - $24.95

Materializing spectator's thought onto a signed blank card... Imagine being able to turn a SIGNED double blank card into a thought of...

Switchblade DVD
DVD by Dan Harlan - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

This is a robust gimmick which allows for color changes, vanishes, transpositions and more. This one gimmick does is all! Switchblade is...

Card on Ceiling Trick
Card on Ceiling
Trick by Michael Ammar - $14.00

Michael Ammar 's Signature effect! The spectator selects a card & returns it to the deck. You throw the deck up at the ceiling! Look...

Blizzard Trick
Trick by Dean Dill - $35.00 $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

Dean Dill`s Blizzard has fooled most of the top minds in magic. The effect sounds too incredible to be true: A spectator freely names any card,...

Window DVD & props
DVD & props by David Stone - $79.95 $60.76 (SAVE $19.19)

WINDOW by David Stone is not like anything else. 2 cards selected 1st one appears behind the window / / 2nd card visually changes thru the glass...

Fourfit DVD
DVD by Reuben Moreland - $25.00

Reuben Moreland has been catching the eye of top industry pros from a young age. His award-winning competition act has brought him all over the...

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