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Joshua Jay One Man Issue of MAGIC Magazine Magazine
Joshua Jay One Man Issue of MAGIC Magazine
Magazine by MAGIC Magazine - $10.00

MAGIC is the premiere periodical in our industry: beautiful, glossy pages of feature articles and some of the finest, cutting-edge tricks in the...

Mnemonica Miracles Box Set DVD
Mnemonica Miracles Box Set
DVD by Juan Tamariz - $149.95

A priceless record of Juan Tamariz's personal approach to memorized deck magic (which he calls Mnemonica). Join Juan Tamariz at the table...

Mayhew (What Women Want) Book
Mayhew (What Women Want)
Book by Steve Mayhew - $40.00

What do you get when you mix unrestrained astonishment, remorseless deception, and a whacked-out sense of humor? A. Richard Nixon B. Steve...

Keep Calm and Carey On DVD
Keep Calm and Carey On
DVD by John Carey - $29.99

John Carey teaches 13 routines in his brand new DVD. You'll learn: 1. The Teleport Card. Inspired by Darwin Ortiz's psychotronic card,...

Modern Magic (3 DVD set) DVD
Modern Magic (3 DVD set)
DVD by Will Houstoun - $81.00

Will Houstoun is a good friend of ours, and we love his new DVD set Modern Magic. Will is a fine technician with both coins and cards, and on this...

Unshuffled Trick
Trick by Anton James - $35.00

Show a mixed pack, give a wave of the hand and instantly the deck is UNSHUFFLED! Similar effects take years to master with a normal deck but with...

M-Case Trick
Trick by Mickael Chatelain - $35.00

A utility prop that allows you to automatically switch objects within a card case.  For example, a participant places a card inside the...

Totally Whacked DVD
Totally Whacked
DVD by Steve Mayhew - $35.00 $26.60 (SAVE $8.40)

Steve Mayhew is the guy with serious card chops and mad comedy skills. He's Erdnase with an arrow-through-the-head. You'll enjoy...

The Great Pretender DVD
The Great Pretender
DVD by Rene Lavand - $19.95 $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

René Lavand is a world-famous Argentinean illusionist specializing in card tricks. He creates his illusions with his left hand only, having lost his...

The Switch ( Shin Lim ) DVD
The Switch ( Shin Lim )
DVD by Shin Lim - $30.00

Shin Lim's THE SWITCH is the cleanest way to switch a folded card for a spectators signed card. It looks so good that people have been accusing...

The Annihilation Wallet Trick
The Annihilation Wallet
Trick by Paul Carnazzo - $120.00

Special Offer: When you purchase this item, you will also receive an exclusive download from New York based magician, Eli Bosnick. Eli teaches you...

Refill for 3 Card Routine Trick
Refill for 3 Card Routine
Trick by Steve Valentine - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

Replacement cards for Steve Valentine's 3 Card Routine. Contains 4 gaffed cards. No instructions.

Simplex Monte Trick
Simplex Monte
Trick by Peter Nardi and Rob Bromley - $28.99

The Three card Monte/ Find The Lady Is a scams that's still used by con men and grifters on the streets the world over. Simplex Monte takes this...

Vanishing Inc. exclusive REL Change DVD
DVD by Michael Brewer - $6.00

Michael Brewer’s REL Change is a change of a single playing card that happens in a split second. One card seems to instantly melt into another. The...

Frame Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Frame
Trick by Alexis De La Fuente - $20.00

Effects where cards change can be interesting, but in "Frame" a drawing (or writing) on a card is caused to change. This whimsical effect allows you...

One By One DVD
One By One
DVD by Chris Webb - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

A visual & logical ending to ANY Ambitious card routine. Imagine a single, signed card melting through the entire deck one card at a...

Fate Trick
Trick by Manuel Llaser - $25.00

The Open Prediction is a premise that most of the great card magic titans have tackled. But NEVER has their been a version so clean, so...

Prospect DVD
DVD by Will Tsai - $38.00

Imagine introducing a single playing card from your pocket without showing anyone the face of the card. Have the spectator call out any card...

The Box Trick
The Box
Trick by Mark Southworth - $75.00

A box with a folded card is clearly displayed trapped in rubber bands and placed into a spectators hands or pocket or nearby table. 52 cards are...

Opening Doors Trick
Opening Doors
Trick by Henry Evans - $110.00 $83.60 (SAVE $26.40)

YES. IT CAN BE EXPLAINED. The (in)famous "Trick that Cannot be Explained" developed by the Master Dai Vernon, is finally explained in...

Ridiculous DVD
DVD by David Williamson - $150.00

David Williamson is a phenomenon! An award-winning performer, amazing sleight of hand artist and superb entertainer. His unique style helped...

Wowlett Trick
Trick by Russ Stevens - $99.99

From a concept by Luke Dancy, "The Wowlett" allows you to perform card to wallet like never before. At last Katsuya Masuda's Wow Gimmick is made...

Wow 2 (Face Up Version) Trick
Wow 2 (Face Up Version)
Trick by Katsuya Masuda - $39.95

Wow 2.0 is THE most visible and amazing card change ever. It happens slowly and right before your eyes. Wow 2.0 is hailed by magicians around the...

Extractor V2 E2 Trick
Extractor V2 E2
Trick by Peter Nardi - $80.00

Do you want to make a signed card appear impossibly in your pocket, a signed selection appear in a sealed deck of a different colour - IN THE...

Arson DVD
DVD by Alex Pandrea - $24.95

Our friend Alex Pandrea is digging deep into his repertoire--this is one of his oldest, and perhaps most commercial effects. It's basically Red...

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