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Cardtoon 2 Trick
Cardtoon 2
Trick by Dan Harlan - $15.00

The sequel to one of the top-selling card tricks ever...   Spectator names any card (no force). The performer shows drawings on the backs of every card in the deck. The end of the deck is flicked, animating the cartoon drawings. The little guy climbs into the cannon, lights it, and throws...

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Cardtoon Trick
Trick by Dan Harlan - $15.00

As performed by Dan Harlan on 'Penn & Teller: Fool US 2016'. This is one of the best selling card tricks of all time. If you've never seen it, you're in for a treat! In effect, a spectator names any card. You then show that each card in your deck has a little stick-figure magician...

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Q! - Toon Genius DVD
Q! - Toon Genius
DVD by Eureka Magic - $35.00 NOW $15.75 (SAVE $19.25)

Can you imagine what happens when the classic cardtoon meets modern technology? That's right the aswer is Q! Q! is your personal assistant and he lives on your cell phone! Adults and kids love him. You already know the impact of such a charming and entertaining character. Take your deck and spread...

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