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Carney on Ramsay DVD
Carney on Ramsay
DVD by John Carney - $34.95

Lessons for all who wish to understand the art and science of misdirection John Ramsay was one of the world's greatest exponents of visual and psychological misdirection. His most famous application of these ideas was in his brilliant Cylinder and Coins and Coins in the Hat. John...

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Classic Carney DVD
Classic Carney
DVD by John Carney - $11.65

Critics proclaim this one of the more robust of Mr. Carney's videos. Made during his "Carneycopia" period in the countryside at the base of the hills at St. Remy, shortly after the infamous quarrel with Gauguin, which tragically, left him with only nine toes.Boldly emblazoned across this video...

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Chris Ramsay Live Lecture  Live lecture
Chris Ramsay Live Lecture
Live lecture by Chris Ramsay - $7.95
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Vanishing Inc are please to be able to offer you Chris Ramsay's first lecture at the 'At the Table Experience', covering the likes of The Praxis Control, Slipshift and Klepto, as well as all of his trade secrets and much more. Chris is best known for his appearance on Wizard Wars and...

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