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Vault Trick
Trick by Leo Smetsers - $125.00

Leo's Vault is a precision made, up to date version of Jack Lippincott's classic Lippincott box. This beautifully engineered aluminum box has a really nice weight to it. It is strong, sturdy and the best part is it can be handled by the spectator with no chance of them finding its clever secret....

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The Vault DVD
The Vault
DVD by David Penn - $49.95

David Penn, the creator of Mystery Solved and Coinvexed has applied new thinking to the ring-flight plot. David has also combined ring flight with an organic version of the nest of boxes resulting in an effect that will be impossible to comprehend for your spectators. You...

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Cash In Trick
Cash In
Trick by Will Tsai - $35.00

Imagine you can produce real money in spectator's hands. Your spectator not only sees the money appear, but FEELS the money appear as well. Directly from Will Tsai's working repertoire.Coin from ear has been a classic of magic. Imagine producing a stack of bills in people's hands. And you can spend...

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