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At The Table - December 2015 Live lecture
At The Table - December 2015
Live lecture by Woody Aragon and Marcello Insua - $9.95

We have an exceptional month lined up for December's At the Table Experience as we welcome two of magic's finest ambassadors, Marcello Insua and Woody Aragon. First off, founder of Tango Magic, Marcello Insua will teach you THREE Any Card At Any Number routines as well as an invisible...

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Phoneomenon DVD
DVD by Doug McKenzie - $29.95

Performed on David Blaine's Drowned Alive television special, Phoneomenon causes any prediction to appear on a stranger's cell phone. Doug McKenzie is the street-smart pro that gave you the indescribably wonderful "Juan Hundred Dollar Bill Switch." He's unlocked the vault once again to...

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Beneath Trick
Trick by John Kennedy - $20.00

A chosen card appears beneath your cell phone like magic! "Beneath" is John Kennedy's new card under phone effect. The clever gimmick allows you to make a chosen card appear under any cell phone or card box in about half a second! The card can appear as many times as you like. It can even be...

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