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Change Bag with Turning Handle (Jumbo) Trick
Change Bag with Turning Handle (Jumbo)
Trick by Premium Magic - $45.00

A change bag is a classic magical utility prop that had numerous uses. You can use it to make something vanish, appear and change to something else. The bag you see here is more advanced that the usual one because it is very large and is capable of handling bigger objects. Therefore, many...

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Change Bag Xmas Trick
Change Bag Xmas
Trick - $67.50

Stocking Change Bag Perfect for those Holiday Season shows, this normal-working change bag is designed to look like a stocking! Quality-made with durable materials and solid oak handle-single change.

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Change Bag - Mini Accessory
Change Bag - Mini
Accessory by Uday - $15.95

This is one of the most useful pieces of magical equipment ever invented. With this bag you can exchange one object for another, force one particular item from many, change the color of items, etc...Colors may vary.Bag Height Approximately 8" (20cm)Handle Length Approximately 4 1/2" (11cm)

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