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Change Bag Fantasy (Repeat) Accessory
Change Bag Fantasy (Repeat)
Accessory by Bazar De Magia - From $32.00

Use the Change Bag Repeat with any object that fits into the bag. Producing!  Vanishing!  Changing!  One hand activated!  New design!  Plastic handle, no more scratched wood! Greatest utility ever! Put an item inside the bag,...

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Triple Force ZIP LOCK Bag Accessory
Triple Force ZIP LOCK Bag
Accessory - $15.00

The idea of a transparent force bag was devised by U.F. Grant many years ago, and he wrongly called it "Transparent Change Bag". This idea was a breakthrough for stage mentalism, and later on Jeff Busby and Gene Nielsen created a Zip-Loc-like model. This one is also a Zip-Loc-like model, but...

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Change Bag Regular (Green) Trick
Change Bag Regular (Green)
Trick - $33.50

Quality Velvet Change Bags with Wood Handles!

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