Children's Magic - page 11

Comedy Microphone Trick
Comedy Microphone
Trick by Richard Griffin - $79.95 $60.76 (SAVE $19.19)

Magician approaches the microphone to speak, but it does not work. He looks to the sound guy and as he does the top of the microphone pops off, he...

The Traveling Pencils Trick
The Traveling Pencils
Trick by George Iglesias - $45.00

3 in 1 effects: Teleport 12 pencils from one side to another: Show a pencil box empty and place it aside, on top of your table or give...

Pro Mic Holder Trick
Pro Mic Holder
Trick by Quique Marduk - $20.00 $15.20 (SAVE $4.80)

Helpful Elegant Comfortable Use with any mic Fits in a pocket

Rainbow Rabbit Production Trick
Rainbow Rabbit Production
Trick by Daytona Magic and - $180.00 $133.00 (SAVE $47.00)

The performer explains that every magician is supposed to produce a Rabbit from his hat but lo and behold you dropped your hat on the way to the show...

Silkola Trick
Trick by Wack-O-Magic - $75.00

The SILKOLA has been around for a long time. The effect is basic. A handkerchief vanishes, then reappears inside a sealed soda bottle hidden within...

The Gingerbread Man Trick
The Gingerbread Man
Trick by Premium Magic - $75.00 $57.00 (SAVE $18.00)

A cut out of a gingerbread man is seen to be standing on the magician's table. He is holding an inflated balloon. The magician tells the story of how...

Chico Routine
Chico Routine "Light" Package Deluxe Routine
DVD by Bill Abbott - $99.95 $75.96 (SAVE $23.99)

For the family show entertainer on a budget Chico the Mind Reader "Light" Package contains all of the professional instruction, full performances,...

Folding Travel Spiral Accessory
Folding Travel Spiral
Accessory by Top Hat Productions - $50.00

YOU ASKED FOR IT AND NOW BRUCE HAS DONE IT! For years, many magicians asked Bruce to create a Growing and Shrinking Head Spiral to fit into...

SPOTS Routine
DVD by Bill Abbott - $49.95

When I was 14 years old I saw Michael Ross perform at the anniversary party of a local magic shop here in Toronto. One of the pieces he performed was...

Dove & Rabbit Book Trick
Dove & Rabbit Book
Trick by JL Magic - $75.00 $57.00 (SAVE $18.00)

Produce a variety of items magically from a book, even a dove or rabbit! The magician presents a hard cover book, opens the cover and...

Fantasy Box Trick
Fantasy Box
Trick by JL Magic - $25.00

The Performer opens a box and shows the audience that it is empty. Then the magician produces a variety of items from the box, each time showing...

Fast "N" Genious / Fake "N" Genious Deck Combo Set
Deck of cards by So Magic - $39.95

Each of the 55 cards in these two decks have a unique full color illustration. Missing from this deck are numbers and standard pips (Spade, Heart,...

Baxt, a Boy & a Bucket  DVD
Baxt, a Boy & a Bucket
DVD by Robert Baxt - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

Robert Baxt has put the classic Miser's Dream on steroids. Even Amazekids' Danny Orleans, who has his own fabulous version of this trick, loves...

Color Changing / Vanishing CD Trick
Color Changing / Vanishing CD
Trick by Unknown - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

The magician presents a white CD and a black box. The CD is put into the box and one of 3 colored ribbons is thread through the center of the box and...

Christmas Card Monte Trick
Christmas Card Monte
Trick by Unknown - $35.00 $26.25 (SAVE $8.75)

The magician shows two jumbo sized cards, one with Rudolph the Reindeer the other with Santa.  The magician hides Rudolph behind his...

Santa Appears DVD
Santa Appears
DVD by John Kaplan - $35.00

Ever been faced with having to make someone - Santa, the CEO, a celebrity, guest of honor - magically appear? John Kaplan has. On many...

Cube Break Trick
Cube Break
Trick by Astor - $99.00 $75.24 (SAVE $23.76)

The Cube-break is an updated version of a classic. The Magician drops a cube into a prism. The cube has a hole running through it and is visible...

Confusing Die Trick
Confusing Die
Trick by John Fabjance - $74.95 $56.96 (SAVE $17.99)

Magician displays card representing a flat die with one spot on the front and two spots on the back. He then turns the card over and reveals three...

Surprising Dots Trick
Surprising Dots
Trick by Di Fatta - $13.25 $10.07 (SAVE $3.18)

The performer shows a jumbo card that has 1 black dot on one side, and 4 black dots on the other. When the card is shown again, strangely it has 3...

Flowers From Empty Bag Trick
Flowers From Empty Bag
Trick by Di Fatta - $19.95 $15.16 (SAVE $4.79)

The magician shows his audience an empty paper bag and invites a spectator to put his hand inside to confirm that there is nothing in it....

Comedy (Passe-Passe) Potato Chips Trick
Comedy (Passe-Passe) Potato Chips
Trick by Twister Magic - $80.00

Wouldn't it be a great idea to perform the classic Passe-Passe Bottles with potato chip cans? Now you can thanks to George Iglesias' Comedy Potato...

Tips On Comedy Magic DVD
Tips On Comedy Magic
DVD by Robert Baxt - $25.00

This DVD is Robert's follow up to his best selling Mouthcoil and Misers Dream DVD's. Ventriloquists, Jugglers, Puppeteers, Cruise Ship...

Anti-Gravity Flower Pot Trick
Anti-Gravity Flower Pot
Trick by Premium Magic - $25.00 $19.00 (SAVE $6.00)

This is an old magic trick with a twist. Effect: The magician is seen holding a flower pot in one hand and a magic wand in the other....

Elephant Vanish Trick
Elephant Vanish
Trick by Unknown - $85.00

In absence of the performer an assistant vanishes a picture of an Elephant from inside two boards. But the elephant is discovered by the audience...

Hankey to Parasol Trick
Hankey to Parasol
Trick by Unknown - $29.95 $22.46 (SAVE $7.49)

This is an extremely colorful visual effect of transformation, suitable for any type of show. Effect: A clear net tube and three different...