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Twas the Night Before Christmas (A Magical Presentation) Trick
Twas the Night Before Christmas (A Magical Presentation)
Trick by Santa Magic - $39.99

Few books are considered an American "classic" and become ingrained in the popular culture internationally. But Clement Clarke Moore's,...

Naughty or Nice Divining Rod - Trick
Naughty or Nice Divining Rod -
Trick by Santa Magic - $19.95

Display a rod with the words naughty and nice on both sides of the rod. Place the rod in your hand and have the child touch the back of your hand....

Silk to Pumpkin Trick
Silk to Pumpkin
Trick by Alan Wong - $10.00

You begin with a small black silk and talk about the dark Irish tale of Stingy Jack, who tricked and upset the Devil. The Devil kept his word not to...

Stiff Wand Trick
Stiff Wand
Trick by JL Magic - $29.95

A giant magic wand that can be wrapped up into a tight coil, and then become rigid as a pole on your command! Multiple effects and animations are...

Appearing & Vanishing Rice Bowl Trick
Appearing & Vanishing Rice Bowl
Trick by JL Magic - $45.00

Produce and vanish the rice from a bowl at your command! Show an empty rice bowl all around and instantly produce enough rice to fill the bowl. You...

Penetrating Rope Trick
Penetrating Rope
Trick by JL Magic - $2.50

A rope tied around a stick impossibly penetrates the stick. Super easy to do. No sleight of hand or difficult moves required. Perfect for beginner...

Wand to Flower Trick
Wand to Flower
Trick by JL Magic - $7.95

Wand to Flower by JL Magic. The magician shows an empty flower pot and drops in a red "seed". With a wave of the magic want, the seed...

Go Out Trick
Go Out
Trick by Gustavo Raley - $45.00

Following the success of "Let's Go", Gustavo Raley introduces another fun and surprising Lego-themed routine that is perfect for any kid's...

My Invisible Friend Trick
My Invisible Friend
Trick by Mr Daba - $35.00

My Invisible Friend is a fun routine for children and families that blends the classic zombie ball effect with a variety of spongeball phases. It is...

Teaching With Magic Book
Teaching With Magic
Book by Paginas Libros de Magia SRL - $30.00

A practical guide for the classroom teacher in using doable magic as a motivator, metaphor and curriculum delivery tool. Can a teacher be a...

Ever Filling Baby Bottle (Poopsie Bottle) Trick
Ever Filling Baby Bottle (Poopsie Bottle)
Trick by The Essel Magic - $4.95

A cute little trick perfect for kid's shows. A small baby bottle is shown to be filled with milk. The performer drinks the milk from the bottle,...

Wooden Coin Tray Trick
Wooden Coin Tray
Trick by The Essel Magic - $14.95

With this clever prop, the magician can multiply the number of coins in a spectator's hand with no sleight of hand. Simply slide the coins off the...

Spring Production Birdcage Trick
Spring Production Birdcage
Trick by The Essel Magic - $39.95

The magician enters the stage and shows a foulard or silk to be empty on both sides. They drape it over their left hand and immediately produce a...

Animal Mistake Trick
Animal Mistake
Trick by Professor Otto and Luis Zavaleta - $39.95

A collection of kids' favorite animals! Imagine a magical piece of folding paper that gets really, really big... it's filled with colorful cartoon...

Chick Sound Set Trick
Chick Sound Set
Trick by Tejinaya - $30.00

Three jumbo cards are shown. All three have a photo of a birds nest. The audience's then hold the cards in their hands. While they do, they hear a...

Mismade Bones Trick
Mismade Bones
Trick by Magic & Trick - $50.00

Offered as part of the "Funny Silks Collection", "Mismade Bones" is a unique set of exclusive silks that can be used in a variety...

AmazeBox Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive AmazeBox
Trick by Mark Shortland - $45.00

Once in a while we come across a trick with a method that is as inspiring and whimsical as the effect it creates. "AmazeBox" is the best example of...

Silly Billy Feather Duster Wand Trick
Silly Billy Feather Duster Wand
Trick by Silly Billy David Kaye - $47.00

An ordinary magic wand magically changes into a feather duster with the "Feather Duster Wand" from legendary Children's Magic Performer...

1 to 6 Spot Card Trick
1 to 6 Spot Card
Trick by Magikraft Studios - $125.00

A premium prop designed with working pros in mind. Each "1 to 6 Spot Card" is sized for maximum visibility. It is a 9.5in x 9.5in square...

The American Prayer Vase Genie Bottle Trick
The American Prayer Vase Genie Bottle
Trick by Big Guys Magic - $25.00

Big Guy's Magic is proud and excited to offer the magic community major improvements and a fresh new look for the classic "Prayer Vase"...

Miracle Puzzle Trick
Miracle Puzzle
Trick by Doruk Ulgen - From $105.00

A poetic mystery, an illusionette that can be carried with one hand, a display of pure elegance and beauty... The magician introduces a puzzle that...

Spray Away Trick
Spray Away
Trick by Gustavo Raley and Richard Laffite Entertainment Group - $45.00

"Spray Away" is a delightfully unique and fun new effect for all your shows from parlor and stage magic to your magic shows on Zoom. After...

Flavor 3D Trick
Flavor 3D
Trick by Marcos Cruz - $75.00

Bring food to life right in front of their eyes! "Flavor 3D" begins by introducing a flyer for a delicious can of Pringles chips. This...

Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings Trick
Michael Ammar's Deluxe Linking Rings
Trick by Michael Ammar and TCC Presents - From $199.95

TCC Presents and Michael Ammar have partnered to create an incredible Deluxe Linking Rings Set that has been carefully crafted to maximize both the...

Flatbox Trick
Trick by Thanh Nguyen - $90.00

The perfect vanishing box. This gorgeous wooden handmade box is a stage magician or parlor magician's dream. It's super high-quality and both looks...