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Deelayed Magic DVD
Deelayed Magic
DVD by Clown Tobi - $29.95

In this DVD, upcoming Belgian magician, Steve Deelay introduces you to his special kind of magic: "Deelayed Magic". Creative and original close-upeffects with playing cards, coins, rubber bands, poker chips, ... Steve Deelay brings new ideas and fresh techniques to the table. With a little...

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Sheets Poker Chip Stack Trick
Sheets Poker Chip Stack
Trick by Tricks Of The Trade Inc. - $60.00

This is a brilliant device of Bob Sheets for holding out and secretly delivering a pea. A stack of four poker chips is hollowed out so that it can hide one pea like an invisible fourth shell. The pea and stack are magnetic, so that the pea is easily lifted away with the stack of chips. The pea can...

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Stars Of Magic - Volume 6 - Eric DeCamps DVD
Stars Of Magic - Volume 6 - Eric DeCamps
DVD by Eric DeCamps - $19.95

A 65 minute DVD of solid magic that's a guaranteed blockbuster! Eric De Camps is one of New York's premier close-up magicians. For your entertainment pleasure see and learn the following: ERIC DE CAMPSTHE MAGIC CLASSICS (VOL 10)The Inverted Card Splitting The Twos Showboat Aces Royal...

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