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Production Hanky Chess Board Black and White Trick
Production Hanky Chess Board Black and White
Trick by The Essel Magic - $9.95

This is an attractive silk measuring 21 inches in length by 21 inches wide decorated with a black and white chess board pattern. This silk, when folded, occupies very little space. Use for production from any production apparatus like 'Mirror Box', 'Square And Circle', etc. This silk is...

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Production Streamer Chess Board 6
Production Streamer Chess Board 6" x 18'
Trick by The Essel Magic - $19.95

This is yet another beautiful silk in our silk production line. This one looks like a chess board and is perfect for cane or wand work.  A beautiful streamer made of fine silk. This can be used in many ways, including effects in which two hankies appear to blend together and become one. This...

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Classic Clip Accessory
Classic Clip
Accessory by Dan and Dave Buck - $30.00

An essential to anyone serious about their craft, the Classic Clip is an indispensable utility that will add months onto the longevity of your go-to deck of playing cards. Made by Dan and Dave, each clip is precision crafted to be both functional and stylish. Nowhere else will you find...

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