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Stiff Rope Accessory
Stiff Rope
Accessory by Mr. Magic - $5.00

This will remind you the famous Indian Rope Trick Illusion. You show a rolled up piece of rope. Now uncoiling the rope you stretch the rope between the two hands, horizontally, and pretend to hypnotize the rope. Dramatically release one end of the rope from one hand. The rope remains in the...

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Stretching a Rope PLUS Book
Stretching a Rope PLUS
Book - $20.00

If you are looking for a finale for your rope routine that no one else is doing, then check out Stretching a Rope PLUS. Herein, you'll learn everything you need, handling and patter, to stretch a 3-foot rope into a 30-foot rope! Forget Professor's Nightmare, this is the one they'll be talking...

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Super Rope Accessory
Super Rope
Accessory by Magic Rope Company - From $6.00

At AmazeKids, we’ve seen lots of different types of ropes and we think Super Rope is the best for magicians. Why is it so Super? Here are nine reasons: Vibrant Colors – This rope has a brilliant shine. Great for stage or the living room. Choose from a dozen colors, plus a Candy...

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