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Clever Sponge Ball Magic DVD
Clever Sponge Ball Magic
DVD by Duane Laflin - $25.00

Begins with a complete sponge ball stage act. Following the routine you learn basic sleights such as the thumb palm, mash move, and retention vanish. After that is a series of individual routines including perpetual balls, balls to pocket in color, big ball ending, sponge balls close up and in...

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Sponge Ball Magic Trick
Sponge Ball Magic
Trick by Theatre Magic - $22.00

The perfect close-up magic routine. Here you receive a great set of props, a great set of instructions, giving you everything you need to perform a lot of great magic. Imagine plucking a red ball out of a bagless purse, making it vanish, and having it reappear in the spectator's closed fist. You...

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Royals Sponge Ball Trick
Royals Sponge Ball
Trick by Fun Inc. - $3.15

The perfect introduction to one of the fundamental branches of magic. Written for the amateur, but with material suitable for the performing pro.  Magic with sponge balls has been popular with magicians of all skill levels for nearly 80 years. In this new publication from FUN Incorporated, a...

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