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Close-Up Hallucinations Book
Close-Up Hallucinations
Book by George Schindler - $14.95

Meir Yedid was the first person to win the Society Of American Magician's Close-Up Magic Championship more than once. He was also awarded the Society's rarely presented Originality Medal. Meir has spent the last 30 years touring throughout the world performing and teaching his brand of creative...

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George Sands Masterworks Collection DVD
George Sands Masterworks Collection
DVD by George Sands - $60.00

George Sands was a prolific inventor and developer of original moves and polished routines that have worked themselves into the annals of magic infamy. His rope work and card tricks are some of the finest, performed by David Copperfield, Jeff McBride, Mac King, Dick Cavett and countless others....

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Close up Show  Magic download (video)
Close up Show
Magic download (video) by George Rubadel - $24.95

Vanishing Inc are pleased to offer Brazilian magician George Rubadel's video download, 'Close Up Show'. George Rubadel is considered one of Brazil's top magicians and here he shares his take on some classic magic plots and effects, including sponge balls, ring on ropes, cut and...

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