Magic download (video) by Juan Luis Rubiales
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Magic download (video) by Juan Luis Rubiales ($11.95)

This is the type of hyper visual effect that makes you stop in your tracks. The type of magic that you just can’t help but smile when you see. “Bounce” is a super fun and innovative technique for making playing cards seemingly appear out of thin air with the bounce of a ball.

“Bounce” by Juan Luis Rubiales (the creative mind behind our bestseller "Debajo") allows you to add a super visual element to all your favorite card magic tricks. It is one of the most memorable ways to find a selected card, produce a four of a kind and so much more. While “Bounce” is designed to be visual, it can also be performed with face-down cards. That means you can also use it to secretly add on cards in the innocent action of bouncing the ball.

Here’s the craziest part…”Bounce” doesn’t use any fancy gimmicks or special cards. It’s all sleight of hand using a novel technique that can be done with any regular deck of playing cards. While it will take a little practice to get down smoothly, it’s way easier than you might think. Well within the range of any card magician. Multiple ideas are included with your download to get you started.

IMPORTANT: You can download and start learning “Bounce” today, but you will need to add your own ball. Juan explains the type of ball you should find in the instructional video. Or you can save yourself time and hassle by getting everything you need to start performing right away with our "Bounce Deluxe Add-On". Limited quantities available.


Community questions about Bounce

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  • Mark asks: Just how hard is this. Does it require back palming skills?

    • 1. Charles answers: No back palming
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  • Karren asks: What are the specs on the ball and where does one find it that works? Do you sell it as an accessory?

    • 1. James answers:
    • 2. Charles answers: Rubber juggler's bounce ball. 140 grams weight and 60 mm diameter
    • 3. Charles answers: G Force
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  • Anthony asks: Is this still achievable with small hands?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes it is still possible but might take a bit more work
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Customer reviews for Bounce



novel method





This is such a fun, visual way to find a card! It's unique and easy to do. I'm excited to work it into my set!



Looks etasy after practice. Haven't started yet, but I expect to need a LOT of practice!



What a fun, zany, brilliant trick!



Original... Simple for the spectators to follow. A ball make a card appears lightening speed between itself and the surface it hits. Brilliant! And the explainations are clears. What more? Four effects explained, that's enough to start your own ideas!



Bounce by Juan Luis Rubiales