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Magic download (video) by Llya Laionov ($34.95)

If you're looking for the ultimate collection of tricks with an iPhone, look no further. Llya Laionov has created the perfect self-promotional tool in this, iPhonomagic, featuring some of the best routines currently available for the new digital medium.

iPhonomagic includes 8 tricks with the iPhone that will leave your audience in disbelief, creating real amazement with yours or their iPhone. Utilising revolutionary ways of using the iPhone, this collection will have you loaded for a full show with just one prop.

What's included in iPhonomagic:

Personal Space
Using this method, you will be able to read any mind. You can know contacts, numbers, drawings, any photos, anything that a spectator chooses themself.

Invisible Pin Code
Dial pin, digit-by-digit from a distance.

Brain Wi-Fi
You'll be able to know any drawing that a spectator draws (and immediately deletes), using THEIR phone, while your back is turned. Very simple but powerful method that has deceived many magical minds.

Virtual Reality
A huge concept that you can adapt, develop and recreate to your own demands. You turn on a camera, catch anything on it and objects or drawings start to visibly come alive, transform, or disappear. Cards can colour change, photos can speak to reveal predictions 'Harry Potter' style, revealing thought of cards or words. Very visual and strong.

You set a timer on your phone and ask a spectator to count backwards, starting from ANY digit that they freely name at the moment of them holding your phone. As soon as he says zero the alarm clock goes off. Very powerful synchronicity test.

Visually transfer energy from any phone to your phone.

A spectator selects any contact from YOUR phone and this contact immediately gives you a call.

A spectator selects a contact from THEIR phone, concentrates on this person and this person is seen giving THEM a call! Their name is seen on spectator's phone, and can be any person (even some you have never heard exist).

But that's not all...also included is four mind-bending bonuses.

Points to note: While iPhonomagic is aimed at iPhone users, you can use an Android phone for everything except CALL (although you CAN perform stronger CALL2). 'Personal Space', 'CALL2' and 'Brain Wi-Fi' can be performed with the spectator's phone, while the rest are performed with yours. Some effects use programs and for bonus ideas you will be required to purchase an app from the App Store.


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iPhonomagic by Llya Laionov