Liquid Pencil Project

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Liquid Pencil Project

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Magic download (video) by Calen Morelli and WAJTTTT ($14.00)

Leave it to Calen Morelli to take one of the most ordinary and recognizable objects in the world—a pencil—and turn it into a miracle maker.

This 20-minute “Liquid Pencil Project” download explores a variety of mind-numbing optical illusions that push the boundaries of what visual magic can be. The pencil twists, bends and transforms right in front of your eyes in ways that truly test the limitations of what you believe to be possible. These stunning magic moments have completely floored some of the most influential and creative magicians on Instagram and YouTube.

Both easy and advanced versions are taught for magicians of all skill levels.

Like all of Calen’s projects, “Liquid Pencil’s” whole is much greater than the sum of its parts. This video will completely change how you approach gimmick-making. You’ll get an exclusive look behind the scenes at how Calen creates magic, providing you with the knowledge needed to advance your own gimmick building.

While there are no builds specifically focused on straws, sharpies, or headphones, with a little problem-solving and creativity, you’ll able to take what you learn with a pencil and apply it to those or other similar objects to create your own unbelievable effects as well.


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  • Nathan asks: Is this project for presenting online only?Or can you do this right in front of someone.

    • 1. Jim answers: While best done on camera, you can perform some of the effects live, if you position your audience well.
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I love it.Really makes you look at this project however you want.This is great because you don't necessarily need to have a pencil. Started on the project right after I watched it.This man is definitely a force in the magic community. Can't wait to see what he has next for this year.



If you are familiar with Calen Morelli's latest creations you'll understand it's visual complexities. What it isn't: A piece that you will ever do close-up or on stage. What it it: A take on an old principle that you can apply to new ideas.
This routine that he shows you is a way to freshen up your virtual shows or video magic and make it unique. I've already created a gimmick that is sun drying in the backyard ( and I just bought this three hours ago). Very excited for the possibilities of this principle. There is a little DIY involved but it will be well worth it.

Liquid Pencil Project by Calen Morelli and WAJTTTT