Alchemist: Blossom

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Alchemist: Blossom

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DVD by Will Tsai ($189.95)

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Alchemist: Blossom - magic
Alchemist: Blossom Alchemist: Blossom Alchemist: Blossom Alchemist: Blossom Alchemist: Blossom Alchemist: Blossom

This is one of the best self-bending metal effects we have ever seen. Will Tsai's effects always seem to ask the question, 'what would it look like if I could do this for real?' and when you see the way that this effect allows you to warp metal so beautifully, you'll appreciate why his philosophy is so good.

If we truly had the power to bend metal, why stop at just one bend?

Blossom will suck the wind out of your spectator as your psychokinetic ability contorts and flares the neck and every single tine of a simple dinner fork. The moment where they realized that the power of your mind is reconstructing the physical properties of metal is one that will live with them forever.

The best part? This incredible moment can happen in their hands. They feel the movement of cold, hard steel manipulating right in their palm. It is a visceral moment that is almost too much to wrap their head around.

Traditional metal bending cannot compete with the technology and secret contained within blossom. clean, real and elegantly beautiful, blossom is the next generation of self-bending metal effects and one that will solidify your reputation.

  • Easy to perform
  • Easy to reset
  • Activates from body heat
  • Stays straight at room temperature
  • Can happen in your hands, their hands or on its own

Available in two options:

Blossom Sensitive triggers at 20-25 degree Celsius. The discrepancy depends on the level of moisture of where you live.  The Blossom Sensitive Version doesn’t have the range of tolerance like the Wide Range version, but it’s more visual as the animation happens faster with lower temperature triggering point. It is made for those who performed in stage or other controlled environments where the music is loud and you have to get your audience’s attention in the shortest amount of time.  

Blossom Wide Range triggers at 25-32 degree Celsius. It doesn’t react as fast as the Sensitive Version, but it has wider range of tolerance before the heat triggering point. It is made for performers who wish to carry around more freely. As the change is slightly slower, best for performers who prefers to present with longer patter. If you resides in warmer area like Brazil or Hawaii, this is more ideal for you as well.

I've seen Will's amazing metal bending. Simply mind blowing! He produces spoon bending or fork bending better than I actually do it myself!Uri Geller

Will Tsai has just kicked Liquid Metal in the -beep- and took names! Morgan Strebler

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Alchemist: Blossom by Will Tsai