Champagne Supernova

Trick (pre-order) by Marvelous-FX Ltd
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Champagne Supernova

29.95 usd

Trick (pre-order) by Marvelous-FX Ltd ($29.95)

Champagne Supernova - magic
Champagne Supernova Champagne Supernova Champagne Supernova Champagne Supernova Champagne Supernova Champagne Supernova

More than a decade in the making, this easy-to-do miracle allows you to push a sharpie directly through the center of a BORROWED and SIGNED coin.

Matthew Wright has dedicated more than 10 years of his life carefully crafting Champagne Supernova. He is thrilled to finally release this never-before-seen method which allows you to show BOTH sides of the coin at all times during and after the effect.

Champange Supernova is incredibly easy to perform and can be done by magicians of any skill level. It requires almost no sleight of hand as the ingenious gimmick does most of the work for you.

You'll learn multiple handlings and routines, including "The Portable Acme Hole" routine from Sharpie master Tom Crosbie.

Various Currencies Available:

  • US Quarter
  • US Half Dollar
  • UK 50p
  • Euro 50C
  • 10 Japanese Yen

Community questions about Champagne Supernova

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  • 1.

    Dave asks: Can a borrowed Sharpie be used - Great handling of a Classic method

    • 1. Alan answers: The sharpie is not gimmicked, its all about the coin.
    • 2. Mark answers: I think Alan is confused. Sorry Alan!
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  • 2.

    Jim asks: Can other sized pens be used? Or only sharpies?

    • 1. Alan answers: The hole size is fixed so as long as the pen or object fits the hole you are good to go.
    • 2. Mark answers: A sharpie is the best pen to use by far.
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  • 3.

    Larry asks: 1) In the trailer Matthew uses a half dollar. I have smaller hands than him. Would a U.S. quarter gimmick be better for me? 2) Can you use any normal Sharpie of the same size as in the trailer? 3) Can you use any color Sharpie?

    • 1. Alan answers: Any normal sharpie, coins come in 2 USA sizes and a EURO and £sterling size
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  • 4.

    Derek asks: How different is this from phase 1 of Stephen Tucker's "Polo" effect? Without tipping to the public, Tucker's routine was a two-phase routine... I'll just say the initial penetration left people 'Spellbound' - in a way that Sankey might have done it... It looks very similar -

    • 1. Derek answers: Actually - I'm remembering two methods... the gimmick for Polo phase 1: and Jay Sankey's 'Smashed' here: I love the effect of Champagne Supernova - but just want to be assured I'm not going to end up with with a 'Polo'/'Smashed' combo.
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  • 5.

    Peter asks: Are there rubber bands involved that have to be replaced from time to time?

    • 1. Alan answers: I dont think it has elestic bands, looks like a shell and a holed coin.
    • 2. Mark answers: No elastic bands at all.
    • 3. Mark answers: There is no shell either.
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  • 6.

    Mark asks: Can both hands be opened when performing the trick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: When properly performed, both hands can be opened during the routine. With more skill, you can make this look like an openhanded miracle.
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  • 7.

    PEDRO asks: There’s a shot in the trailer where the pen is removed from the coin providing an insanely visual removal. Is this visual removal realistic or merely played in reverse for advertising purposes?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you are talking about the one with the sticker, yes, when performed properly, it looks great.
    • 2. Mark answers: Very realistic and as far as the audience is concerned absolutely genuine.
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  • 8.

    Sam asks: I am looking for a source in the USA for the 12mm stickers. I found 1/2" stickers, but they are a little big, and the edge keeps catching.

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Customer reviews for Champagne Supernova


Everything feels cheaply made. Not very Practical. Best for social media-based videos. Nothing can be borrowed. Nothing can be examined without switches. The main version we are shown in the video is not the main version taught. And without purchasing the Stickers, you can not perform it. The Version shown in the end is the main version. The Instructional video was poorly produced. Terrible sound quality, shotty editing at best. I was pretty disappointed by the product overall. And does not solve any issues but overcomplicates an effect and is not worker-friendly.
This is a trick Id see a bunch of kids running around at a convention showing. I keep picking the thing up and playing with it in hopes that I didn't waste my money and I could figure a practical use out of it.