Magic Matchstick

Trick by TCC Presents
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Magic Matchstick

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Trick by TCC Presents ($59.95)

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Magic Matchstick - magic
Magic Matchstick Magic Matchstick Magic Matchstick Magic Matchstick Magic Matchstick Magic Matchstick

Penetrate a matchstick through the solid brass block, with this modern take on a beloved classic by TCC.

"Magic Matchstick" by TCC is a fantastic piece of close up magic that you'll love having on you as an everyday carry. It's a premium version of the classic matchbox penetration effect for contemporary performers.

You remove a single match from a matchbox and push it through the hole in the center of the matchbox. So, far nothing seems very impressive. That is, of course, until you open the matchbox to reveal there is a solid brass block inside.

This is a true stunner that will fry their brains. There is a reason this magical idea has stood the test of time.

"Magic Matchstick" at a Glance

  • Pocket-sized reputation maker
  • Super easy and resets instantly
  • Impossible and stunning moment of magic
  • Expertly crafted to perfection
  • Looks incredible and can be handed out for casual examination
  • New gimmicked matchbox allows you to show the box is filled with matches at the beginning

What Makes "Magic Matchstick" So Special

The devil is in the details. While the magic is great, it's the gimmick that makes it such a great prop to own. Just look at the photo of the brass block to see for yourself. It truly looks solid and will withstand casual examination, making this a truly impossible moment of magic.

Each brass block was expertly crafted to ensure every detail was perfect. The secret lies in texture, precision, and meticulous machining of the brass block. Perfect seams without excessive grinding marks and carefully chamfered edges make this professional gimmick a true thing of beauty.

Each set comes with two matchboxes: An ordinary one and a gimmicked one. The specially-designed, new gimmicked box allows you to show the box filled with matches at the beginning. This adds an additional layer of "transformation" to the penetration effect.

Everything you need to perform this incredible feat of magic can fit in your pocket.

Note: A small amount of simply DIY is required for the gimmicked box version, and you'll need to supply your own matchsticks.

What Do You Get?

  • Ordinary matchbox
  • Gimmicked matchbox
  • Precision crafted brass block gimmick
  • Video instructions


  • Red matchbox: 57mm x 40mm x 20mm
  • Blue matchbox: 57mm x 40mm x 14mm
  • Brass block: 54mm x 34mmmm x 12mm
  • Brass block weight: 169g(±5g)

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