Mini Spirit Slates Plus

Trick by TCC Presents and Royce Luo
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Mini Spirit Slates Plus

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Trick by TCC Presents and Royce Luo ($100.00)

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Mini Spirit Slates Plus - magic
Mini Spirit Slates Plus Mini Spirit Slates Plus Mini Spirit Slates Plus Mini Spirit Slates Plus Mini Spirit Slates Plus Mini Spirit Slates Plus

A compact, lightweight, fully automatic and silent set of premium quality spirit slates that any mentalist or close-up magician cannot afford to miss out on.

Working directly with Conan Liu and Royce Luo, TCC Presents is proud to offer the incredible "Spirit Slates Plus".

You start by introducing the blank slates and placing them together face-down and inviting the spectator to select an object (i.e. a playing card). The slates are then separated to show that the the "spirits" around you have conjured up the energy to create a perfect prediction written in chalk on the surfaces they just saw were completely blank.

That's not all though. You can also have playing cards appear, or card corners, notes, torn pages from a book test, or any other similar object. "Mini Spirit Slates Plus" is a powerful tool that can be used to truly unlock your creativity.

"Spirit Slates Plus" are completely self-working. Just place them together and the fully automatic operation will take care of all the dirty work for you. No suspicious moves like those used in past spirit slate routines required. Additionally, this unique mechanism has been meticulously designed to be completely silent. Your audience will never hear the gimmick.

No assistants are required. Everything can be operated by one person and resets in seconds, making it perfect for walkaround magic or street magic.

This professional quality prop features a premium blackboard surrounded by an authentic collector-wuality black walnut frame. The quality is immediately noticeably and is significantly more elegant than the cheaper plastic versions on the market that look like a toy. Despite the fact they use real wood, "Mini Spirit Slates Plus" are remarkably compact and lightweight so you can easily bring them with you anywhere.

Outer Dimensions: 11cm x 15cm
Writable Area: 8cm x 12cm

Comes with:

  • 2x blackboard slates
  • 1x silent internal gimmick
  • Online video tutorial

Customer reviews for Mini Spirit Slates Plus



I don't like to write bad reviews ..... but, it is absolutely not what I expected after seeing the presentation and the cost paid.
The frames are made of wood and of excellent finish.
But the Gimmick .... the Gimmick is very, very delicate, and of soft and not resistant material, I think it is pressed cardboard,
we hope it will not be destroyed after a short period of use.
Then the TUTORIAL ....... but I say, is this instruction video normal?
I can't believe it, a Password-protected Tutorial is provided to show you how to remove the protective film,
but is it serious or a joke?
Vanisching let me give you 2 Advice:
1 Ask for an internal replacement Gimmick in case of breakage (which is very safe)
2 Ask the supplier to create an instruction video for the correct use of the frames not for how to remove the protective film.
I give 4 stars for a sense of solidarity (I think 3 was already enough) in the hope that my 2 recommendations will be considered.
I rely on you Vanisching at least for a replacement of the gimmick, if you do not do it, we are at risk that as soon as the gimmick breaks, the frames will be placed in a drawer because they are no longer usable.
Pasquale P.

VI Monthly


The slates are nice, but the gimmick is made from, I think, cardboard. While this makes the workings quiet, it also poses a challenge for the best routines, such as Burger's, that require you to write on all the surfaces. I've emailed TCC to ask about replacement gimmicks (and to confirm what is made of) but they aren't replying.


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  • James asks: There seems to be some concern about the gimmick. can someone confirm what it’s made out of and how durable it is Post an answer to this question

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