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NOW!  - magic

NOW! is the one of the most technologically advanced products on the magic market today.

Borrow ANY smartphone. Ask the spectator to open their browser. They hand THEIR phone to you and you look up an image online.

You find the image and hand back their phone face down. You NEVER TOUCH THEIR PHONE AGAIN!

Ask your spectator to think of ANYTHING. That's right... ANYTHING.

And their thought is NEVER spoken out loud.

Finally, you ask them to turn over their phone... It is the EXACT image they had in THEIR MIND.

YOU do NOT type anything in your phone. NO stooges, NO listening devices, NO peeking at screens, NO fishing, NO questions are asked.

does ALL the work for you! Works automatically and in real time.

  • NO accomplice needed.
  • Only one mobile phone is used: your spectator's. Not two spectator phones.
  • Never touch your phone to control information.
  • NO audio recognition.
  • NO NFC or RFC chips.
  • Absolutely free choice, NO forcing giving you unlimited choices.
  • Spectator only points at the object or picture and NEVER names it.
  • Instantly repeatable.
  • Ends completely clean, NO traces left.
  • Works with most browsers.
  • Endless customization options.
  • Predict images, Amazon products, dictionary words and even videos.
  • Easy to do.
TV Rights are reserved. Contact Mariano Goni Magic for performing on any TV show.


Community questions about NOW!

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Pun Yin asks: For the phone version, I am using Android so I should choose Android version right? Or is it the phone/version what spectator use? Thanks

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Correct. You choose the model of phone *you* have.
  • Vsevolod asks: Hello! Can It be perform in Russian language or only english?? Best regards!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The app is in English, but the user can search in any language.
    • 2. Denis answers: ???, ? ? ????????????? ????????, ???? ????? =)
  • Dennis asks: Works in German Language ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The app is in English, but the user can search in any language.
  • Michael asks: What does the “ long: “ button do in the phone app. { when you’re setting up your spectators phone } In the video instructions he said that he would cover that later on but he never did.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can email us for details about this.
  • Tim asks: My Now icon the my phone. When I tap it it says the magic ap beta has expired and I cannot get into the ap anymore. Any idea what I need to do?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Please try contacting the creator directly — he will be able to provide a higher level of support for NOW!
  • Shawn asks: If I picked the iPhone version. Do I Need to do the trick on people with IPhones or does it work on androids if they have it?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: As noted in the description, you can "Borrow ANY smartphone…" You will also need your own phone to perform NOW!. If you own a iPhone, buy that version. If you own an Android, buy that version. But the phone that you borrow from the audience member can be any modern smart phone. I hope that helps!
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NOW! by Mariano Goni Fernandez