Trick by theory11
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Trick by theory11 ($69.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.
ParaPad - magic
ParaPad ParaPad ParaPad ParaPad ParaPad ParaPad

Instantly divine a name, number, word, or drawing.

Hand the spectator a notepad and ask them to write down a name, number - anything. They tear the page out and keep it forever. You never go near it. No matter what - you're still able to instantly divine exactly what they're thinking of.

An easy-to-use, pocket sized device with endless possibilities.

There's no sleight of hand, funny movements, or guesswork. ParaPad is a diabolical notebook that does the hard work for you - empowering you to create limitless routines that are FUN to perform, with wicked reactions. ParaPad isn't the first impression pad on the market - but it is, without exception, the absolute BEST. This is the Rolls-Royce of mentalism.

ParaPad includes the ingenious special notepad, a duplicate non-gimmicked notepad, sharpie, and reloadable paper. The gimmick can be reset in seconds, and the paper is reloadable. Also included is an in-depth, streaming HD instructional video by Franco Pascali which covers how to use ParaPad, performance techniques, and resetting.


Community questions about ParaPad

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  • Mark asks: Is the Sharpie gimmicked? If so, can it be replaced when it runs dry?

    • 1. Daniel answers: I want to know this as well
    • 2. Eric answers: Yes they have replacement markers although I don’t think they have refills on paper yet.
    • 3. Bruce answers: I have purchased two pair of pads and both of the markers do not work I made my own pens and they work far better
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  • edward alexander asks: Why should I buy parapad if they don't have refills?

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    • Matthew asks: I have the informant by bobby motta. If i get parapad, can i use the same pen for both devices? Thanks!

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      • Chris asks: Will paper refills be available in the future? I’m going through the initial supply fairly quickly..

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you email us we can help with this.
      • Steve asks: I’m confused: the description says the paper is refillable but from the questions above, I need confirmation. Is the pad refillable/replaceable? Thanks.

        • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It is.
      • ERDEM asks: is it refillable/replaceable with a special type of paper or can we just use normal paper as refills

        • 1. Tony answers: The Refill will available in the future, but there is no ETA, in the meantime, you can use normal paper
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      Customer reviews for ParaPad



      Without a doubt the best impression pad on the market. If you want reliable impressions every time this is the only real option I'd recommend considering.

      Its hard to explain much if you don't know what an impression pad is, but you are able to obtain any written information without ever touching the piece of paper with the information on or the spectator, no fishing, you have that info, and the Parapad system is deviously designed to ensure that information will be made as clear to you as possible. I can't say much more than if you want an imp pad, look no further.