Super Multi Ball

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Super Multi Ball

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Super Multi Ball - magic
Super Multi Ball Super Multi Ball Super Multi Ball Super Multi Ball

Its not just a new magic trick, it is a new super multi functional tool to create magic with sponge balls. Its about a triple color change; red, green and blue with the same sponge ball, but at the same time allows you to grab extra balls, to performance multiplies, split colors, change from secondary colors to primary colors, you can add multiple objects as SILKS and dices. A new gimmick ball that opens a new world of visual possibilities, empty hands color changes, no extra loads, multiply objects with empty hands and all this on high visual impact.

It comes with an explanation video that's goes deep into all the possibilities that this ball gives to you, also how to use it, cares, ways to show it and it relations with the spectators. Indeed, a super multi ball, a ball that opens a new way of performing magic with sponge balls, way more visual and combinable with all the classic magic tricks to enhance them and generate a stronger climax.

What are you waiting to to take your sponge balls performing to the next level?

The balls measure approximately 1.5 inch in diameter.


Community questions about Super Multi Ball

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  • Derrick asks: Is this different than Bizarro's Color Changing Sponge Balls?

    • 1. Bizzaro answers: The only difference I am aware of is the introduction of a 3rd ball. The handling and construction appears to be the same. I was not made aware of this until it released unfortunately.
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  • Evan asks: Related question - how many balls do you receive, and how many other balls might you need to incorporate this/these gimmick/s into an existing sponge ball routine? Are there non-gaffed sponge balls one can purchase that match colors?

    • 1. James answers: You get a yellow ball and the gimmicked ball. You might want a normal red, green and blue. Haven't seen them available.
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  • Steven asks: What size are the sponge balls? Will they match in terms of surface appearance other sponge balls readily available in the marketplace?

    • 1. Lauren answers: I don't have a ruler handy, but I'd estimate 1.5.
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Customer reviews for Super Multi Ball



Just received mine and love the gimmick, also really like what can be done with it. What I don’t care for is no credit given to Bizzaro, don’t what to give anything away, but it’s too close here, we stand on the Shoulders of greats, and they deserve respect and credit...



Pretty good gimmick and routine taught. Would have been more impressed if the trick came w 2 of the gimmicks or at least the regular color balls for the price of the trick. As now we are only getting the gimmick and one regular colored ball

Would be something I will perform often. Now i just need to order more of the three colored sponge balls



Not all the colors are easily changeable or look good after the change. Bizarro's is better though you have to buy the dvd if you want instructions.



Definitely NOT a one-handed change without the other ball peeking out. Not as easy as it looks in the video. Save your money!

Super Multi Ball