The Trojan Horse Project

Book by Michael Murray, Manos Kartsakis and Ian 'Rasp Cheetham'
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The Trojan Horse Project

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Book by Michael Murray, Manos Kartsakis and Ian 'Rasp Cheetham' ($47.00)

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The Trojan Horse Project - magic
The Trojan Horse Project The Trojan Horse Project

"This is one of the best pieces of impromptu mind reading I've ever seen" Christian Grace

"Trojan Horse Project" is a remarkable collection of powerhouse mentalism routines that offer an innovative new approach to the "Free Will" ("Visa Cabaret") plot and can be performed in person, over Zoom calls or on the phone.

If you have ever wanted the ability to reveal the locations of three freely hidden objects without asking any questions at all, then this is the book for you!

This astonishing 90-page book begins with the inaugural routine that launched this entire project. Developed by the creative Manos Kartsakis, this deviously simple effect is direct and easy to follow, yet also extremely fooling. You'll learn two brand new techniques that are sure to find a permanent home in your arsenal and go well beyond a simple 50/50 chance.

You begin by asking your participant to hide three different objects in their pockets and hands. Although the participant has a free choice throughout the routine where to place each item, and can even switch them many times, the performer is able to divine with 100% accuracy where each object is and delivers a kicker ending. There are no language restrictions and you just need three objects (which can be anything!)

Key Points:

  • You can use ANY 3 objects (NO gimmicks needed)
  • You never need to see or touch the objects
  • You'll always be able to reveal the locations of each object
  • The participant can even remain silent (other than confirming that you are correct at the conclusion).
  • The final positions of each object can be predicted if required.
  • Deviously simple, very direct and yet extremely fooling.

Taking Things Further

Inspired by Manos' routine, Michael Murray decided to work on a variation of his own. Working from the ground up, Michael has created one of the most direct mind-reading effects we've ever seen. To prove it, you will even get a chance to experience it first-hand in a simulated way as you read through "The Trojan Horse Project".

Readers will instantly see the benefits of combining the devious principles behind each routine to create a seamless piece of impromptu mentalism that can be performed in any situation (even over the telephone).

You'll also learn four additional handlings, each of which offer their own unique advantages. This includes a two-person alternative where the performer simultaneously reads the minds of both participants and one which can be performed without the performer ever knowing which objects are in use (this was a personal favorite of Phedon Bilek).

Whilst there are already several works of a similar nature that have been published and released in the past, they often fall short of offering the same straightforwardness of the work that is contained within "The Trojan Horse Project". In short, the absolute freedom of the participant's actions is what sets this head and shoulders above the rest.

Key Points:

  • The participant can genuinely place ANY three objects in ANY of the three locations (no restrictions).
  • They even have the opportunity to freely swap the positions of the items before you reveal your prediction
  • The participant never even reveals if a switch was made or not
  • All actions are made sight unseen, and the participant is never asked to reveal a single piece of information (before the final reveal)
  • Despite the impossibility and fairness of the situation, you will still be able to instantly reveal the specific location of each item.

Impromptu mentalism simply doesn't get any cleaner than this!

"When Manos first showed me his routine, I wanted to reach through the computer screen and punch him in the face. It really is that good!" Mark Chandaue

"An ingenious new approach to revealing the location of three unseen objects, requiring no peeks, no glimpses, no gimmicks, nothing written down and you can perform it in person, over the phone and on Zoom. Love it! Totally practical, totally fooling." Mark Elsdon

"Please let me know when this is ready to purchase, this is one of your best effects yet!" David Diamond

"I am lost for words, this fooled me completely!" Mike Sullivan

"So Freaking clean!" Drew Backenstoss

Note from the Author: Special thanks and credits go to Ian 'Rasp Cheetham' for helping to polish these routines into the practical and powerful effects that they have become.


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  • John asks: Is this repeatable to the same audience?

    • 1. Michael answers: The book covers the instances where it is beneficial to repeat the effect immediately and there are also different methods taught too which would allow you to perform one method after another of desired.
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  • Marc asks: Would this be a routine I could perform for blind people?

    • 1. Christina answers: Yes.
    • 2. Michael answers: You also don't need to use physical objects so the participant can simply imagine the items in their mind too.
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  • Charles asks: Does the VanishingInc purchase include a hardcopy book plus a digital download? Also does this include access to the Trojan Horse Project "Facebook Group"?

    • 1. Jim answers: The hard copy doesn’t come with the free digital version (this was an exclusive offer for MindFX customers). There is a sticker in the front of each book detailing how to access the Facebook group. I hope that helps!
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Customer reviews for The Trojan Horse Project



I am very satisfied with The Trojan Horse Project. It´s a great principle you can use in almost ANY situation, so I am talking from stage to parlour to close up to video, hell it evend worked over WhatsApp!
I deduct one star because the first method, the one from Manos, failed three out of three times I attempted it (over phone, over video and even in a close up setting). Okay, okay ... I know the first method is not made for doing it over the phone or video. And I also know for the Manos method directing the audience is key. So I admit it was me that failed, not the method per se. But - the more you direct the less the 'free will' experience gets in my eyes. In a nut shell: You have to decide on how strictly you want to direct the spectator. And even if you direct him/her in clear words and gestures - you still might fail, when the spectator doesnt follow every step precisely. Three Stars.
The second method is clearly 5 stars. As stated above you can use it in every situation. It´s also one of the few magic tricks you can perform for blind audience members! I used it in the WhatsApp group with some magician friends and they were completely baffled!

The Trojan Horse Project by Michael Murray, Manos Kartsakis and Ian 'Rasp Cheetham'